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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This is my first attempt at combining different video clips into a project.
There are mistakes and the editing could be better but I'm happy to have learned how to do it. Thanks to Brian for his guidance and patience in showing a slow learner how to cut and splice video.

By the way... what are your thoughts on Judas?


Brian Buriff said...

This gave me chills. I think people are too quick to write Judas off. Like anyone, he was a complicated individual with a history that is probably not too different from the contorted histories that we all bring into our relationship with Christ.

Amber, my help to you was very limited and you really carried the ball nicely here in compiling an artistic piece that I believe can really minister to others. Hats off!

Brian Buriff said...
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Amber said...

Sorry to delete your other comment Brian - it posted twice.

I think there's a bit of Judas in all of us. If we are quick to condemn him then we might be in danger of condemning ourselves too. It's one of the reasons I like your book "Beyond the Passion". It takes a reasonable look at Judas.

BarBarA said...

THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! you did great! what a talented team you two make.

I'm going to go watch it again.

BarBarA said...

Amber, that was so powerful. Certain scenes from the movie are never easy to watch - but important to see.

I am so impressed with how well the music fit perfectly with each scene. I think you missed your calling...get into video production!

I linked to you, I hope a lot of people stop by and check it out.

What do I think of Judas? As hard as it is to understand how he could sell out Jesus, I don't condem him for it because I've made a mess of my life plenty of times. I can understand why he killed himself, some pain is too much to bear.

I ordered Brian's books off Amazon about a week ago (used) so they should be arriving here soon. I don't think I got the one you mentioned though. Does he have three books out?

Amber said...

Barbara - Brian has 3 books and a workbook out. The first is Serenity for the Soul, a devotional book. Then there is what I consider to be his best, Revelations to Go, a life-application of the book of Revelation. I've never heard anyone else ever talk about the life-application principals in the book of Rev. Then there is a fictional novel about the hours after the Jesus was cruscified. It's called Beyond the Passion, a title that neither of us like but the publisher wanted. Publishers get what publishers want apparently. If you happen to get that book, look for a mysterious Bible character that appears in each chapter. It will be a surprise at the end. For me knowing that made the book more appealing. I love mysteries. This book is not a mystery but looking for the character made it one for me.

GaryMeans said...

Very nice job, Amber. Powerful. Well edited. Flows smoothly. What software did you use?

I really appreciate Brian's comments above on Judas.
- Was his motive 30 pieces of silver? I think not.
- Was his motive political? Perhaps, but if so, that meant he believed that Jesus was the Messiah. He just misunderstood what that meant.
- Was Judas's betrayal part of God's plan? Or, in God's foreknowledge did He simply redeem/exploit Judas' choice? If it was part of God's plan, did God allow/enable Judas, as He allowed/enabled Pharaoh's heart in ancient times - except that seemed to be an intervention.
- I wonder what went through Judas' mind and what was in his heart in the hours between his betrayal and his suicide? Clearly he regretted what he had done. Some say he went straight to Hell when he died. I wonder if they feel that is so soley because he betrayed Christ, or also because he committed suicide?
- I wonder if he asked for forgiveness from God?
- If he asked forgiveness, why then did he commit suicide? Some say that suicide is both the ultimate act of selfishness and the ultimate act of faithlessness. I disagree on both counts.
- I am certain that if Judas were to have asked Christ directly for forgiveness at any point, it would have been freely granted.
- I wonder to what extent Judas came to understand the true nature of Christ's identity/mission?
- I wonder how different I am from Judas?

Robert said...

Great job amber!!! Very cute the way you and brian interact commenting on each others blogs. i was in the play *jesus christ superstar* in high school, its written from judas perspective. The song that goes with the title of the musical really shows the various dimensions within judas soul over what he did and who he knew jesus to be. We just are finishing studying Revelation at my church brian, i will have to pick up your book and check it out!!!

Amber said...

Gary - thanks for the great thoughts re: Judas! With your permission I may use those in a class sometime.

Robert - thanks. Yeah, Brian and I have a lot of fun together. People usually get a kick out of watching us interact.