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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Playing Hardball

An update on my work issues....

Thursday I met with one of the directors and was told that they had never received the faxes I sent in August and Sept. letting them know that my availability had changed and I could no longer work Saturday nights.

So if they have "lost" them there is no proof that I ever sent them. The only indication that they did receive the information is that the scheduler changed the schedule according to the information I had faxed. I pointed this out to them. No real reply.

His only real comment was that there was nothing he could do. He doesn't "have authority to change schedules". So he pushed me off on the other director. I did fill out the paperwork and he promised to give them to the other director that evening. The strange thing was that I was not even on the schedule for Saturday nights.

As of today, Saturday, I've not heard from her. Apparently they really don't care about this issue.

Today I received and updated schedule for October. They have me on the schedule for every Saturday night. AND they also have me on the schedule for every Sat. morning until 2 in the afternoon. That would make my schedule look like this:

Go in at 11 PM Friday and work until 2 PM Sat.
Then go back in at 8PM Sat. and work till 8 AM Sunday.

In my opinion working these hours in a setting where a handicapped person relys on me to give her meds and lift her is putting her at risk. (BTW, the director admitted that this company is putting clients at risk) Too bad I don't have a tape. I do have a witness though. =)

Anway, to be dirty they backdated the new schedule to read "Revised Oct. 1, 2006". That is SO NOT the case. As of Oct. 5th they had no one scheduled to work Sat. nights and were calling my co-workers to see if they could cover it. To my advantage though, the date of the FAX reads Oct. 6, 2006 at 9PM.

I called the director and reminded her that I am not available for Sat. ngihts.
I also have copies of the schedules.
They are also being investigated by the county for possibly putthing clients at risk. I did not make that call but I know who did. ;)

I really get the feeling they are setting me up so that they can fire me for not showing up to work.


Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR YOU! If they fire you, thier loss!!! These people are not running their business well, its very sad.

I can't believe the hours they scheduled you! HELLO PEOPLE! Get a clue! They ADMIT THEY ARE PUTTING CLIENTS AT RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like being one of those undercover reporters and catching them at it.

Brian Buriff said...

Let's have Gary do a photoshop thing on Layla and she can do her undercover reporter gig.

Anonymous said...

Soo...what is the latest? Been pulling for you.

Amber said...

I'd love to let Layla nail 'em. =)

Thanks David. I did a post to update everyone about the situation. It's been a really STRESSFUL weekend - the fight with work, our pastor's 35th anniversary and all the festivities that meant, and doing some wedding planning and meeting Allison's mother for the first time. Add to that another conflict at church and I'm ready to just run away. The wedding planning was fun though.