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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Poll of Sorts

Maybe this is why Brian has trouble getting my eye color right. These two pics were taken yesterday but in different light.

Here they look brown

And here they look green

So actually they are a muddy green. Not really green but not really brown either.

Even so, I'm still thinking that he should know this.....

What do you think? Is he off the hook or not?


Bar Bar A said...

I say more green than brown. A deep mossy shade of green. I have the same "issue" with my eyes - mine are green and gold so they get called hazel but that's not what hazel is, is it?

I think Brian should be off the hook because your eyes are such a unique shade, it's hard to define (please tell him I said this!)

Now - about those photos, you are so beautiful!!! You didnt' look over joyed in either shot, but your beauty still shines through!

Amber said...

I guess he'll have to be off the hook.... just talked to my mom and SHE doesn't know the color of my eyes either! My own mother! She says they change color ... that I was born with blue but now they are sometimes green and sometimes brown. ??????

Brian Buriff said...

Thank God for mother-in-laws.

Bruce said...

Let him off the hook. Aren't there more important things in life? :-)


Bar Bar A said...

I think Bruce deserves to be put ON the hook for his comment! :)

Anonymous said...

He deserves all he gets for rigging the vote for the best dog in the world.

Bruce said...

Bar - I'm hurt. Put me ON the hook? I've read how Brian treats Amber with respect and dignity, how much he loves her and appreciates her. Isn't that more important than knowing the color of her eyes? I am so hurt.


Amber said...

I'm still trying to figure out how Bruce could possibly think that there was ANYTHING else in the world more important than eye color.

hallchick said...

Amber, Perhaps the color of your eyes is Mystic. Mystic was a paint option on the Mustang Cobra for a few years.It may have been available for other cars as well. Mystic appears as different colors in different light and from different angles. That might explain Brian's confusion.
I have a song that helps me remember Debbie's eye color- 'Green-Eyed Lady'
by Sugarloaf (one-hit-wonders). Our Amber (who also has green eyes) used to ask me to play it all the time.

PS-had to use Deb's login.

Amber said...

Mystic.... hmmmm .... I like it!