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Friday, October 20, 2006

This Just Baffles Me

Do you ever visit Youtube.com? It's a strange place. I've used it to upload various "videos", mostly of our mission trips so that people in our church who are interested can see what we do there. It's mainly a way of being somewhat accountable to our church family and at the same time sharing our trip with anyone else who's interested.

I've also uploaded one personal video. Just a compliation really of the places I've been put to a song that pretty much sums up my feelings. I didn't expect anyone to watch it. Strangly enough, it has been watched more than the others - with one exception. Who would have thought.

The video of our mission trip to Romania back in the early 90's has the most hits and the most comments - mostly from Romanians, some happy, some not, about what I have presented there. The more profane one's I deleted.

Then there's Brian's sermon snippets.... bits of his sermons that he uploads. The one on Illegal Aliens has the most hits. Naturally, it's a hot topic and so there is a lot of discussion on that one. Heated discussion. Unfortunately, it's turned really, really nasty. It is so strange as I read those comments. I know Brian's personal opinion on the topic, and I know what his message was and yet every one of those folks missed the entire point. It's as if they hear what they want to hear, or what they expect to hear, without really listening. Their opinions overshadow the message and they make assumptions.

I wonder how often I do that when I'm listening. Do I really listen or do I just assume that I know what the speaker is going to say and shut out any possibility of hearing?

Back to Youtube... it just baffles me. The videos I thought would be most interesting go unwatched, unrated, and receive no comments, while the one's I was sure no one would care about have been the most popular. I wonder, "who are these people who are watching", "why are they watching", and I wish they would at least leave a comment so I would know where they were from and what they thought. It's a bit disconcerting to post something personal and then have lots of hits but no comments. Oh well .... Some things are just strange.


BarBarA said...

Lots of things are very strange...its hard to figure out people and what they may find interesting or not.

GaryMeans said...

Yeah, what Barbara said. Go figure. Humans! What a goofy race of beings. One day though . . . . things will make sense, eh?

Lorna said...

for us Brits and you Americans silence is a weapon ... so the fact that people visit but don't comment is a bit disconcerting ... but in Finland, small talk is not the rule.

I believe that the cyber world is becoming a bit like that. Why comment if all you have to say is something inane like "I enjoyed this" or "thanks" ... yet that's how we begin to feel appreciated ... so the lack of it - yeah hurts.

Ziomal said...

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