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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Times They Are A Changin'

Things at work are about to change.

I've become spoiled, having only one lady to care for. Most of the houses in our company have 2 - 3 clients in them but because the lady I care for, known as Ms. Cranky, has a well-earned reputation for being difficult to get along with, we have seen a few roommates come and go.

First there was *Bonnie, a 36 year-old who was Mentally Retarded, Schizophrenic, and Bi-polar. She was delighful! Really. She could at times be violent and has the jail time to prove it, and many times I went to work wondering if I were going to get my butt kicked. But for the most part Bonnie was a very loving soul who was a lot of fun to work with.

After she moved out (due to not getting along with Ms. Cranky) we had *Missy for a while. Missy was 23 going on 16. She loved to talk on the phone for hours - at all hours and blast rock music from her bedroom. She was very high functioning but in our care because she was blind and mildly MR. Like any good 16 year-old, she could be quite rebellious and would throw major tantrums when she didn't get her way. Not getting her way might mean being told that 1 AM was too late to be calling anyone. That would ensure a fight, possibly a physical one if she was so inclined. She did not last long before Ms. Cranky sent her packing.

Now I should say that Ms. Cranky is not so cranky with me. Not anymore anyway. She gave me a hard way to go when I first started the job but over the past 3 years a trust and friendship has been built and she rarely gives me any grief. If she does I promptly tell her to knock it off, and like most bullies, she does.

Tonight when I go in to work we will be trying out a new roommate. She is 23 and smokes cigars and I'm told she likes to cuss out the staff (me) and dislikes people of color. She has not done well in other homes because of this. We'll see how she and Ms. Cranky do. I expect she'll be on her best behavior tonight.

*Not their real names


hallchick said...

Well sounds like fun, I'll pray for you and your new charge.

Anonymous said...

So there is no * next to Cranky unlike Bonnie and Missy. So I take it that that is her real name?

Lots of challenges for you. Wow.

Amber said...

Ms. Cranky is her real name. Or it should be. I'm sure if we referred to her as that, everyone in the company would know who we meant. ;)