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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Work Situation Update

Yesterday co-worker called from the house we work at to tell me that a fax came in stating that the director had been trying to call me and had not been able to get a hold of me. Funny, I've been home most of the day except to run to the groc. store and to go out to dinner with Brian for our "date night". There were no messages and my cell didn't ring.

Anyway, the fax said that the change of hours had been approved starting in Nov. but that I had to work the Oct. schedule. As it stands I will be working a 15 hr. shift, have a 6 hr. break and then go back to work a 12 hr. shift. There is still no one on the schedule for Sunday morning. Pat has said that she would “probably” work the rest of the Sundays but is not on the schedule. If no one works then I will be stuck there until 2PM Sunday afternoon.

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I'm debating what to do....

On the bad side ....

If I do this it I will basically be going all weekend without sleep. The 6 hour break is not enough time for me to drive home, sleep, get up and get eat something and then drive back. Obviously I will not be taking care of any family responsibilities either. I would no doubt not be attending church on Sunday evenings - I just couldn't go that long without sleep. Even though I do not think church attendance 3 times a week makes one any more holy it is an expectation for pastor's wives. And too if no one shows up to relieve me on Sunday I will not make it to church and my class will be without a teacher. That would really tick me off because I take that responsibility seriously. And I would be seen as backing down to pressure which may mean that they would then think they could pressure me anytime and get away with it.

On the good side .....

I would probably be able to erase some immediate personal debt in the next 2 weeks and it would only be a 3 week schedule and then I would be working the schedule I wanted. And I would keep my job - which is my long-range goal. So I would be getting what I wanted in time and in the meantime would be making more money.

I'm leaning toward just going with this and then if no one shows up to relieve me on Sunday ... raising the biggest ruckus they've seen.

And too, they are currently under investigation for working employees too many hours without sleep and thus putting our clients at risk. If the investigator sees this schedule they may be in big trouble.


Bruce said...

A lot of ifs. I can't imagine going on that little sleep, but then I'm old. Since it's only for a short time maybe it won't be so bad, but you got to wonder what the company will do to you in Nov. Sorry, my cynicism slipped out.

I'll be praying for you.

Amber said...

Yeah, I don't trust them either. I've taken to documenting everything ... even to the point of digging through the trash (dirty diaper trash) to find paperwork. If they pull anything in Nov. I have it in writing that they have agreed to honor my availability and I'm ready to take whatever action is necessary.

Thanks for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

I like the raising a ruckus idea!!

Your sort of in between a rock and a hard place. Dang I hate it when that happens!!

hallchick said...

Please see the comment I posted on your eye photos.

Also the work situation sounds like a raw deal. Hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear..

Yes, raise a ruckus. Lives are at stake here.