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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Carly Update

Carly is doing GREAT!! She continues to beat all the odds and is now down on the Trach/Rehab floor! According to studies only 3% of BMT kids who end up in the ICU make it out alive so Carly is indeed a miracle!

Since I last updated here Carly has,

Had her 7th Birthday!

Attended a Halloween party at the hospital.

Become even more of her usual self and is joking and laughing and accusing her little brother of cheating at a game.

And she has lost a tooth!

All things most of us take for granted with healthy 7 year olds. This is a picture of Carly last Christmas ... hard to believe she could go from being as healhty as she looks in this picture to being as sick as she has been in such a short time.

She still has quite a long hard haul ahead of her so keep her in your prayers. Pray especially that the scar tissue on her lungs will be replaced with new, healhty tissue so that she can get off the ventilator for good!


BarBarA said...

THIS IS SUCH GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear this!

Robert said...

YES!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! This is awesome news amber!!! So cool to see pics of carly may she be able to laugh play and call her brother a cheat free of illness in the very near future!!!

Amber said...

Yes, it is GREAT news. We are all thrilled. Hopefully she'll be ready to come home before too much longer.

She's such a cute kid eh. She's beginning to look more like Carly now too. She hasn't for a while.

Anonymous said...

Great news! She is a doll. And she has gone through more at her age than most of us "adults."