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Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Petition to Ask Brian to STOP Posting Fake Taser Magazine Pics

Those of you who read at Brian's blog know the story .... Brian is completely out of control when it comes to making Taser magazine covers.

Most recently Gary at Blessed are the Poor in Spirit had this brilliant comment:

I saw that you wanted to enjoy a romantic evening out on broadway with your honey. But I think Taser would get bored too quickly. You should probably take Amber instead. ~ Gary

Then Bruce replied:

I notice that Brian is at a loss for words on your comment - good job. ~ Bruce

To which Brian replied:

Memo to Gary, David & Bruce:Amber had remarked that it was time to give up the Taser blogging obsession. I was seriously considering it until I saw the recent good natured bantering comments on my last post. So I've put my re-considerations on hold for now and will press forward soon with my newest, more audacious, round of magazine covers -- all in tribute to Gary, David and Bruce. ~ Brian

So it seems that he's off again to post even more outraegous Taser pics. Please help him to stop by signing the petition. Just sign by leaving your comment here on this blog. I'll see that Brian sees all of the responses.


BarBarA said...

I officially sign the petition! (us women need to stick together on these matters!)

Come on Gary, David and Bruce! Step up to the plate!

Anonymous said...

All this stuff is soooooo beneath Noah.

hallchick said...

petition is sign by me

Anonymous said...

Amber, I am afraid this is going all the way to The United States Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Probably the only way you are going to get him to stop is give him more things to do around the house. Or take away his computer privileges. Or threaten him with no TSO. Something! Anything! Get him into therapy guick!


Anonymous said...

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Regi McInfly said...

Petition signed...with a reminder to brian "it's ok to love your pets, you just can't LOVE you pets"

If needed, i am a trained interventionist. Amber just say the word if you need my services, because you are friends, and this is such serious situation, i will do it for free.


Anonymous said...

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