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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Seeing (RED)

I finally got my (Gap) Red parka yesterday! It's an early birthday present from my mom and dad. I really, really like the idea of (Product) Red. Normally I don't shop at the Gap but I suspect I'll be making more purchases there knowing that half of the net profits from their (Red) products will go toward helping eliminate AIDS in Africa. And it looks like I'm not alone....

The (Product) Red Blog reports that in just 3 weeks since (Red) was launched in the U.S.,
(PRODUCT) RED sales in the U.S. have raised enough money to:

Provide more than 10,000 men or women with ARV treatment for a year (Note: These treatments are only a small portion of a person’s overall treatment and represent just one year of lifelong treatment)


Provide more than 1 million peer educators with HIV training


Provide a year’s worth of school materials and daily hot meals for more than 35,000 children orphaned by AIDS


Provide more than 650,000 Rapid Tests which detect HIV and deliver instant test results.

This is GREAT news!


BarBarA said...

Do you know how tempted I am to get one of those red Nano iPods!!! I don't need one! I have a 20gb pod already!

I love the whole red campaign and signed up to receive their daily email.

Help me justify buying one of those...I could Keven my old one??? I could donate my old one to a homeless person pre-loaded with 2000 great songs???

I usually don't lust for material items, but its so CUTE.

Brian Buriff said...

You look hot in your new Parka!

BarBarA said...

I want to see the new parka!

Take a pic!

Anonymous said...

Let's see pictures.

BTW, I thought of you and Brian when I saw this video clip.

You will love it.

Amber said...

David and Barbara ... sorry I don't have a pic of me in the parka. It is the parka in the pic but it's a little hard to take a picture of myself in it. Maybe if I con one of my kids into taking a pic I'll post it.

David - that clip was hilarious. I can see why you thought of Brian when you saw it, but why me??? You're not saying I'm as bad as he is, are you??

Anonymous said...

Okay, Brian in the box and you running the camcorder :).