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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When God Winks

No, this post isn't about the verse of scripture that refers to God winking at sin. It's about those moments that happen on occasion that let us know that God has things under control .... more so than we may realize.

For those not familiar with my other blog about the Pine Ridge mission trips, let me explain a few things .....

Our team generally has a fundaiser or two to help those who cannot pay for their trip raise the money they need to go to the reservation on a short-term mission trip. I happen to detest fundraisers and I also happen to be of the opinion that anyone going on a mission trip should expect that there will be sacrifice involved - including paying for the trip. Still, I do understand that not everyone can pay for the trip even if they sacrifice - so we have a few fundraisers.

This year, our senior high youth are going along with us as their annual Youth trip. I'm excited about that. Because the youth are going we are simply forced to have more fundraisers than usual (hence the long list of them on the PR blog).

But one fundraiser has really caught my attention. Maybe because it plays into my love of mischief. How it works is that someone can pay to "flock" someone else, whereby the team then places several pink flamingos in the yard of the person to be flocked. There is also a note left telling the person who has flocked them. They can then pay to get revenge and have the person who flocked them flocked. It gets involved to the point where people can purchase insurance to ensure that they are not flocked. But where's the fun in that??

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Anyway, we have no money up front to pay for one pink flamingo let alone a couple dozen of them. So in the fundaiser info there was a tiny line that read "If you know of someone willing to donate several pink flamingos, let me know".

Now tell me, who would have ever thought that we would have someone on our team who just happened to work for a place that just happened to have 20-25 of the little plastic creatures that they would be willing to let us use???

Ya just never know .....

I just love it when these things happen. They are things, however small, that are so beyond our control and yet they fall into place, shall I say miraculously? Yeah, I think it is miraculous.

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Robert said...

LOL awesome amber!!!! Shows Gods delight in seeing fun being enjoyed as we seek to serve Him creatively!!! i think alot of us mischief-makers might borrow this idea muhahahahha