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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Especially For Scott

So, ya wanna know about U2? Well, here we go. Pay attention now. There will be a quiz.

Yes, Bono, that's BAHH-NO, not BONE-NO, is the lead singer of U2 but Bono is not his real name. Paul Hewson is his real name. He has been married to Ali Hewson (short for Allison) for 24?? years (someone like Barbara may correct me).

You probaby want to know, "Why does Bono always wear sunglasses? Well, he has said there are a few reasons, (1) an allergy that makes his eyes red, (2) privacy, and (3) vanity. At least he's honest.

He has excellent taste in dogs being the owner of 2 German Shepherds - a breed that is my favorite.

He is almost as well known as an activist as he is for being a rock star. The causes closest to his heart are the desperate needs in Africa where 8,500 people contract HIV/AIDS - every day! And where 6, 600 people die of AIDS - every day! And where 2,800 children die of Malaria - every day! And where 300 million people live on less than $1 a day! You can read more about these causes and his activism for them at DATA. You can also hear him give a beautiful message about it on Youtube by clicking here. And you may read his message which could pass for a good sermon at the National Prayer Breakfast here.

The Edge. No, The Edge is not his real name. His real name is Dave Evans. I do not know and have no t been able to find out why he wears a hat all the time. Maybe baldness bothers him or maybe he just likes hats. I imagine it's the latter because even when he had really long hair he still wore hats all the time.

He has recently been involved in raising money for some causes of his own - Music Rising which helped the musicians in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

He almost always wears a t-shirt with some sort of Christian symbol on it such as the nubmer 7.

Larry Mullen Jr. He is the drummer and is the one who originally started the band by placing an add on a bulletin board -- something U2 fans will forever be grateful for. In fact, he has said that even though everyone else knows them as U2, the bands name is really "The Larry Mullen Band". He also has great taste in dogs being the proud owner of a couple of Labadors and has thanked his dogs on previous albums. (we have a black lab too)

Adam Clayton plays bass. He has unfortunately been the one in the band to have problems with drugs and alcohol and has had to deal with those problems publically. And he has dealt with them well - not by merely "not drinking" but by facing head on the emotional issues that helped to bring his addictions about. Here is a quote from him on the matter,

"I am one of those characters that has an addictive personality. And it's an emotional problem as much as it is a physical problem and I had to start dealing with that. And that's the hard road, figuring out the psychology of it. The avoiding substances of any kind is hard but, okay, it's not that hard. It's facing the devil inside you, that's the tricky bit."

You probably also want to know about Bono and Edge's nicknames .....

Bono, which is a shortened version of Bono Vox, his original nickname, got the name through a group of friends who were known as the Lypton Village. The name, which means "good voice" in Latin, was the name of a hearing aid shop in Dublin. Some reports say Edge was named by Bono because Dave was always on the fringe of things. Other stories suggest Bono gave him the name because of the sharp lines and angles of his face when he was a teenager.

This is only a small tip of the iceberg of info about the most remarkable band known as U2. Any other questions??


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Scott (pronounced "Skaut") is now a much better man with this wealth of U2 knowledge.

Scot- T said...

Yes I (Scot- with 1 t, pronounced "Scot" as in Scotland) appreciate the vast knowledge the Buriff family has given me thus far and hopefully will continue :) Especially the recent video tribute to Sir Brian. (sniff,sniff) Seriously, thanks Amber that was great.