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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Can't Wait Till Tonight!

Yes, I know, I'm still a kid at heart. What's tonight? Well, I suppose I shouldn't tell it here.... something about not telling people about your good deeds and all ... maybe you'll lose a reward or something .... all of which is biblical, but I don't care about rewards. If my only reward is seeing kids happy and having a heck of a lot of fun, I don't need anything else here or in eternity.

So what's tonight??

Well, a whole bunch of folks from my church are heading down to a shelter for homeless women and children. There are 4 moms and 11 kids at this shelter and a while back the director sent me an email asking if we could help get them some Christmas presents. I thought it would be simple enough ... just forward the email to everyone in my church that I have an email address for and I pretty much could guarantee that they would respond. One good thing about our church family - they love to give!

It continued to grow from there. It occured me that it would be nice for those who bought the gifts to go deliver them and see the kids unwrap their presents. So, I set up a time with the director for us to go down there and deliever them. We ended up with a boat load of presents and a $100 gift certificate to the Honeybaked Ham store for them. They're going to do well!

But something still seemed funny. I mean, wouldn't it be a bit awkward for a bunch of stangers to walk in to their home and give them presents?? Awkward for both the moms and kids as well as for the people from church. BUT it would not be awkward if Santa Claus brought the presents .... I mean, he's supposed to do that, right? SO I made an announcement in church that I was looking for Santa Claus and before I could get out the door that morning, I had several people volunteer for the job. The first one who came to me, got the job. He's also bring Mrs. Claus with him.

Then I got to thinking that maybe it would be nice for someone to sing Christmas songs while the kids are doing their thing? I asked my friend Gary, a former rock star (locally) with a voice that is beautiful enough to stand on it's own to come and sing. (I've told him that he could read the encylopedia and I would feel better because he's voice is so soothing.) He is and he may even bring his guitar along. He does a song by Mercy Me (I think) called Joesph's lullybye that is out of this world.

Then it occured to me that what's a Santa without kids getting their pictures taken with him? So I got some film for my polaroid and we'll take pics of the kids with Santa & the Mrs. and give them the pic. (Or give their mom the pic)

On Tues. of this past week it occured to me that if we're going to take pictures of the kids with Santa and Mrs. Claus, he needs an elf to take the pictures.

SO, I called my mom and asked her a BIG favor. Could she make me an elf costume by Saturday? I got the stuff to her on Wednesday and by Wednesday night she called me to come over and try it on. The lady can work fast I tell ya.

SO, I got to thinking again. That wouldn't it be cool to take the top off of my green Jeep and put Santa in the back of it with the elf driving him across town??

SO, that's what's going on tonight. Yes, there is enough joy in giving to others to make the night great but why not make it wacky fun as well?

If I get any pictures of us (not the kids and moms - privacy and all) I'll post them here.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like what Christmas is suppose to be about. I pray God's blessings on you and the whole troop. I also wish you and Brian a very merry Christmas indeed. May God's peace be on you in abundance.


Anonymous said...

Amber, you continue to amuse, amaze, and inspire. The world is a better, richer place because you are here.

Anonymous said...

Amber was an awesome elf. However, she did have trouble with her bells.

BarBarA said...

Hope you had fun last night!

Merry Christmas to the Buriff Family!