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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Have a Confession to Make

I shop at Wal-Mart.

I know, I know .... they've gotten all sorts of bad press and some with good reason no doubt. I try to shop Fair Trade as much as possible, and I try to do business with companies that have a social conscience, and many would say that Wal-Mart doesn't. But I shop there - for purely selfish reasons.

For one thing, it's close. Literally about 3 minutes from my driveway to their parking lot. That goes well for me when I shop every single day. At this point in life I have no idea who is eating at my house and who isn't on a day-to-day basis, so I plan meals and shop every day. For that reason alone I am grateful that Wal-Mart is so close.

Second, and not nearly least is because there is a man there who likes me. At least he acts like he likes me. Who knew a Wal-Mart greeter could make your day? My Wal-Mart greeter is an older man who has come to know me well and loves to pick on me and always acts happy to see me. Shoot, there are days when my Wal-Mart greeter and my dog are the only souls who act happy to see me.

And my Wal-Mart greeter misses me if I miss a day. To hear him, you would think missing a day shopping at Wal-Mart was like missing a month, and not because he's interested in my money. I get the feeling he really misses seeing me if I'm not there on his shift.

Now granted, he's paid to greet me and make me feel all special but this guy does an outstanding job. I've known a few greeters in my days at Wal-Mart and none of them compare to this guy. I get the feeling he's just a genuinely friendly, people-loving person. There are days (today being one of them) when just about everything I do goes wrong but I can still count on my Wal-Mart greeter to be the bright spot in my day.

Hmmm.... what a concept .... be nice, be friendly, be kind, develop a relationship with people and have no hidden agenda.... it just might work in church too!


Anonymous said...

Okay, let's pick apart one of your sentences if you don't mind.

there are days when my Wal-Mart greeter and my dog are the only souls who act happy to see me.

Dogs have a soul?

my dog??? Singular? I've been feeling rather bad for Jazz, because Taser has been getting all the attention, but now she not even your dog any more?

I hate Walmart, but I shop there may be once a year. Great point about the friendly greeter. How small acts of kindness can do wonders.

Amber said...

Do dogs have souls?? Probably not, but it would not have sounded right to say that my Walmart greeter and my dog are the only people who act happy to see me. Maybe the only two creatures?? But that doesn't sound so great for the Walmart greeter to be called a creature. I'm at a loss .....

Now as for Jazz, she is probably happy to see me too but she's old, very old, and she doesn't have the energy to get up and say hello when I come home. It's more of a feeling like, 'Oh, it's just you. Good. I wont have to get up and bite anybody".