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Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Week

Just an update of sorts ...

Wow, things sure are busy around here. I for one am VERY tired of baking Gingersnaps! Unfortunately, I'm not tired of eating them. We are in the middle of our Christmas candy/cookie fundraiser for our trip to the rez and it's time to drag out the pictures of the kids out there for inspiration as I bake. I'm also making the peanut butter fudge for Logan and Brian's "rooster eggs" (ask him about those) so it seems I'm in the kitchen a LOT!

We are not getting our new client at work so Ms. Cranky will have to continue to look for another roommate. The 21 year-old cigar smoker with multi-colored hair has apparently done something bad enough to get her removed from the system entirely. I can't imagine what she might have done since we have several clients who hit staff - Ms. Cranky's old roommate once sent a staff member flying through a plate glass window and is still in the system so it's hard to imagine what has happened. It's sad ... in spite of the horrid smell of cigars, I liked her and she seemed very reasonable even is she was a bit of a drama queen. Yeah, she had issues but there will always be issues with anyone .... even "normal" people.

We also lost a long-time friend at church. I've known Pat and her family since I was 14 years old and she was a big part of our church. Pat lost her battle with cancer this week and I hate that she passed at the holiday season.

The thing I will probably remember most about Pat was her love of humor. She knew how to have fun with the best of 'em. Here is the most recent picture of her this past Halloween dressed as a bag lady. Pat was old enough to be my mom but she was really a child at heart and loved to have fun.

It seems I have another busy week ahead. There is work to go to, and presents to buy, and packages to ship and then more baking to do. As busy as it gets though I love it when the house if quiet and the Christams lights are lit and it's just me and Jesus. I imagine you are busy too with Christmas fast approaching. Remember to find time to savor the season by spending some time sitting with Jesus and celebrating His birth!

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