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Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Weekend So Far

  1. Work called and wanted me to go in early, which if I had done so would have had me working a 20 hour shift. I didn't. I was already doing a 16 hour shift and thought that was long enough.
  2. More battles with work - after all the ruckus about me NOT working on Sundays, they scheduled me from 2pm - 11pm Sunday, Christmas Eve. I called and told them I would not be there - that it was understood when I hired in 3 and a half years ago that I didn't do Sundays. They took me off but then called and tried to force me to work it. I'm not working it.
  3. Ms. Cranky and I watched the new Pirates of the Carribbean Dead Man's Chest movie. She loves Johnny Depp and would make a good pirate herself seeing how she loves her rum and has a little dog that sits on her shoulder like a parrot ... oh, and she's cranky.
  4. My dad got bad news from his doc. It seems the new medication is not working. They will check his PSA again in January and if it is still climbing he will be facing chemo. Unfortunatley it will be the kind of chemo that makes you sick and causes you to lose your hair. Scary stuff.
  5. On a lighter note, I happened across an audio file on the Internet of Bono's dogs barking and I've been using it to torment Taser. She can't figure out where the dogs are but looks high and low and barks like she's going to tear them up. (In reality she would run like the big coward she is if she saw another dog in the yard)
  6. I'm off for a shower and then to read. Ms. Cranky's mother told me I looked exhausted and told me to go home and sleep. She tells me that every time she sees me. I must look horrible on the weekends.

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