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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


What is the Christmas memory that most stands out in your mind? It may or may not be your "favorite" Christmas memory, but it's one that is vivid and significant for you personally?

Here's mine.

I was 12 years old and was visiting my friend on the Saturday before Christmas when her mother announced that we needed to go along with her to run some errands to Kmart and the grocery store. My friend and I were both a bit disappointed to have our plans interrupted but we went along anyway, completely unaware of what we were about to experience.

We went shopping at Kmart, filling up the shopping cart with toys and clothes. Next we went to the grocery store and bought another cart full of groceries. We just assumed that we were along for a normal family shopping trip until we turned down a dirt road and pulled up in front of a small shack. My friend's mother asked us to help her get all of the packages out of the car and carry them to the door. We did, and were greeted by a man and woman and several barefoot children. This family was living in the worst poverty I had seen in all of my 12 years. I remember the kids were especially excited about getting oranges. Oranges! What kid gets excited about oranges? I sure didn't and after seeing those children so excited, I was bothered by it because it brought to my realization how much I took for granted.

We left all of the clothes, toys and food with that family that day and returned home to continue our play, but I had never in my life experienced something like that and I walked away changed by it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was something you never will forget. Kudos to mom, now I see where you get your compassion.

Can't say I have a "favorite" Chrismas memory like that - they seem to be all about ME. How sad.


Brian Buriff said...

Lots of favorite memories. I remember hunting for a Christmas Tree with my father in private forest area in the Cascade Mountains (Northern California). In the middle of a clearing, we stumbled upon a pure white albino pine tree. It was just the right size to cut down and take home. But dad said, "No, we can't cut this tree. It's too special. Let's leave it for other people to see and enjoy." It was a wonderful father-son day.

Anonymous said...

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BarBarA said...

Well this explains a lot about you. The first thing I noticed about you was your compassion! Oh I see Bruce already wrote that. Great minds think alike.

My best memory was the year I got a stereo. It wasn't the stereo, it was the fact that it was my dad's idea to get it for me and he hid it really good. (I was 12). Everyone had opened their gifts and I was trying to act thankful for the pajamas, slippers and other "usual" stuff but inside I was hurt that my bro and sis got toys and I got nothing! That's when my dad showed me the stereo. It's one of my best memories of him because he died a few years later but he left in me his love for music.

Great idea for a post, I may borrow it.

Traci said...

When I was about 8 yrs old, we were all gathered at my great grandmother's house for Christmas. My cousin, Inez was not happy with a gift she rec'd. She threw a terrible tantrum. Her father proceeded to load all her presents into the car along with all the kids. We drove to the home of a neighbor who had a daughter Inez's age. The single mother was thrilled to have a Christmas for her daughter. They had very little. We watched as the neighbor girl opened ALL Inez's Christmas gifts.
We learned to be grateful for what we were given.

Anonymous said...

Sigh..looks like you need the word verification and start practicing safe blogging.

Little things leave big impressions on children, and it does show that the experience changed you and made you a compassionate person.