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Thursday, December 21, 2006



BarBarA said...

THIS WAS SO FUN! I love all the clips you added! I had a bike just like Brian's. I couldn't help but notice that Brian was an adorable child but then went through a nerdy period right up to the time he met you! You two are such a fun couple - and you both have great legs!

Good job on this video, very impressive!!

Amber said...

Brian has really great legs. A guy at the Y where Brian works out saw him in the locker room and called him "Mr. Legs". Brian left the locker room with much haste.

Anonymous said...

Very fun! What are his hobbies now that he's given up taxidermy? He has given up taxidermy, hasn't he? Is it the need for speed? Dressing up in costume to dance with other men?

I want to know what happened the day with the candy bar? Did he eat it? Did he take it back? Did he pay for it? Did he do hard time for it?

I didn't notice his legs.

May you and Brian, your boys, and Taser have an wonderful Christmas!

Amber said...

Hey Gary,

Yes, he's given up taxidermy. Thankfully! His only hobbies now are playing on the computer, making video compliations, and doing stupid Taser pics on his blog.

"The need for speed" thing was a gift. He had commented to someone that he had always wanted to drive a race car so .... they bought him a chance to drive one at the NASCAR speedway in Kentucky.

As for the candy bar ... I have no idea but I imagine he ate it since there was no adult around to make him take it back. I know he didn't do any time for the offense but I bet it didn't taste as good as he had imagined it would.

And I'm a bit relieved that you didn't notice his legs. =)

Anonymous said...

I was already into eating the candybar when I noticed where I sat and felt immersed with guilt. But by then, I think I thought, "why waste the rest of the candy bar"...and so I finished eating it.