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Sunday, December 03, 2006

To My Church Family/Friends ... An Opportunity to Help! - UPDATED

Great news! ALL of the mothers and children will be getting at least one present each! If you didn't get to participate and you would like to, go ahead and pick a child or mother - it's OK if they get more than one.

Also, Santa and Mrs. Clause will be going along with us to give out the gifts! This will be a fun evening!

I'll post this here on my blog since I really don't know where else to post information that people will probably want to check back on from time to time.

There is good news and bad news.... the good news is that Serve City/CHOSN has opened up a new women's shelter for women and children! The bad news is that all of those women and children are in need, so with Christmas coming up soon, here is an opportunity to help out some of the local homeless women and children in our area.

If you would like to buy gifts for any of these, here is the info:

There are 11 children all together and one baby due on the 15th of Dec.

The names and ages of the mothers and children are as follows with the ones who have been bought for (that I know of) in red ....

MOTHER: Darlene (*Darlene is bought for) and her children,
Nicholas (*Nicholas is bought for)(8 years old),
Olivia (*Olivia is bought for)(5 years old),
Jayda (4 years old),
Joniessa (Joniessa is bought for) (20 months old)
Jordyn (4 months old).

MOTHER: Karen (*Karen is bought for) and her children,
Brent (12 years old) * Brent has been bought for,
Brittany (9 years old).

MOTHER: Lindsey (*Lindsey is bought for) and her children,
Noah (*Noah is bought for) (7 years old),
Alaina (5 years old) (*Alaina is bought for)
and the
baby due on the 15th of Dec. will be named Valarie (*the newborn is bought for)

MOTHER: Brandy (*Brandy is bought for) and her children,
Cheyenne (5 years old),
Kenny (17 months old) *All of these have been bought gifts.

The children need clothes but what kid is not going to want toys! The girls are size 6&7....Baby is size 1 yr. other baby size 3 boy size 12.
Mothers need everything!

It is encouraged that you purchase toys for the children - every kid wants toys at Christmastime - even if they may need other things. Christmas should be fun for them. Please do not bring used items - we want to give them the dignity they deserve.

We will be going to deliver the gifts on Sat., Dec. 23rd. Meet at the church at 7:00 pm and we will leave from there. If you cannot go that day, then bring your gifts to church any time before then and we will take them for you.

Wrap your gifts and put the name of the mother or child the gift is for on the tag.

If you would like to bring some kind of Christmas goodie to share with the mother's and children, that would be great. I will be bringing some cookies and hot choc. mix.

We should be back to the church by 9:00 pm

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