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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What I've Learned About Fear

This will be my last post about facing fears. There are other stories but they are just stories and serve no purpose other than telling them, so I'll resist.

A few things I've learned about Fear:

  • Fear is just fear. The feeling that something bad might happen. It isn't something that I can let control my life.

  • Fear cannot hurt me. Giving in to my fears can. It can stunt my spiritual/emotional growth.

  • The thing we fear, rarely ever happens.

  • That God might protect me from the bad thing that "may" happen, but that He will certainly give me whatever I need to get me through the bad thing if it happens.

  • Fear is a thief. If I had given in to my fears I would have missed so much. I would not have the wonderful memories that I have or the stories to tell.

  • Whatever it is that I'm afraid of will never hurt me as deeply and profoundly as giving in to the fear will.

My biggest fear I have never faced - losing one of my children or my husband. I counldn't imagine how I would deal with losing one of them. It would hurt more than anything else could I suppose and it would take a L-O-N-G, LONG, long time before I would be able to move on. But I also know that even if that most unthinkable thing should happen, that God would be there and somehow He would get me through it.


BarBarA said...

Amber, this is SO GOOD. I am going to link here tomorrow if you don't mind. These are such great lessons that we would all benefit from not only learning, but letting them sink into our souls and really believing.

My greatest fear is losing my son and my second one is him losing me. I mean - I hope I die first, but not until he's older. Its hard losing a parent in the teen years - been there done that.

I hope you do share more of your mission trip stories NOT just the lessons! Please, come on, give us a few stories :)

Anonymous said...

I immensely enjoyed the series, Amber. Would you say fear is the opposite of hope?