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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Couple of Out-of-the-Oridinary Experiences ( for me anyway)

I live a fairly comfortable life. I don't get a lot of attention and I never feel afraid in my own neighborhood.

But last night as I was coming home from church, I pulled into our subdivision and saw 15-20 teenagers all dressed in black with skulls on their t-shirts crossing over a fence from the field that adjoins our subdivision and walking down the street. It startled me at first, then it scared me as they noticed me driving their way and began to act as if they were going to block my path. I drove slowly but steadily through their little mob and then picked up the pace to my house. As I did so they taunted me by yelling at me and acting as if they were going to step in front of my moving Jeep. It wasn't that they were dressed they way they were that scared me, it was the way they were acting and the fact that there were so many of them. I live in a middle-class suburb in a well-established older neighborhood that sees very little crime so that was the first time I've ever been afraid in my neighborhood. I've even gone running at dark and never felt afraid but last night I swear I heard noises all night long and kept thinking they had seen which house I went into and were back to make some sort of point. They were probably harmless teens out for some fun but they sure gave me the creeps.

I also have some kind of cool news.

A couple of days ago a very nice lady who is the worship leader in her church in Canada emailed me for permission to use one of my Youtube videos in their worship service this Sunday. Their church will be also using an interview with Bono in their service and talking about serving others and making a difference in our world. It struck me as odd that anyone anywhere would be interested in any of my videos (I"m still amazed that they get any hits on Youtube). I especially find it odd that this particular video was of interest because I originally made it just for me. It was meant to be a sort of journal of the places I've been put to the song "When I Look At The World" by U2 because that song pretty much sums up my feelings. I do think it is very COOL when churches can work together and contribute in some small way to each other. I like that. I have no idea what denomination her church is and I doubt if she knows mine - neither of us asked because it doesn't matter - we just want Jesus lifted up and we want to encourage people to serve him by serving others. I must say though, it is an honor for the video to be used by others and hey, I guess I'll be working with Bono this Sunday! ;) How cool is that?? LOL

The video is here if you're intersted.


Oricon Ailin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the teens you encountered. We've had a lot of that lately in my neighborhood as well. I won't go out in the dark anymore. I get too afraid.

As for the video, that is awesome!!! I need to go check it out when I get home from work.

Brian Buriff said...

Pray that the video gets delivered. UPS Worldwide has experienced obstacles today that may prevent successful delivery.

David Cho said...

You know just because of you, I have started listening to U2. Any particular songs you recommend?

Great video.

Amber said...

The video arrived! And it works! We'll be praying for that church this morning.

David - welcome to the fold. Songs? You want me recommend songs? We could be here for a while. I should say there are some things that I don't like about Bono too, but I love their music and I love the way he tries live out his faith.

My personal favorites are from the All That You Can't Leave Behind CD. I like How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb too and I like their older stuff. Here are a few.

Walk On

Where The Streets Have No Name

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For


City of Blinding Lights


Mysterious Ways

Crumbs From Your Table

BarBarA said...

ok, my bloglines is not working on your blog cause it showed that you have not updated in a long time. I need to catch up here!

I would have felt the same way about those teens because of the way they were acting. My son and his friends all dress in dark clothes (Keven has all black t-shirts with the exception of 3 white ones) and they can look intimidating until you see their goofy faces and realize they are just typical teen boys...but these guys were scary! I hope they don't start hanging around where you live.

OH MY GOSH! Just saw David's comment. I better email him with my list :)