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Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Long For the Day

I long for the day when the church will leave the building. I don't mean entirely leave the building, but rather I'm talking about the church being "the church" outside of the four walls - out in the community where people really live. I would love to see the day when we realize that there are many different ways to "do" church and many different places. At the same time I would never want to see the traditional church service abandoned completely. I think the key is to do what works. For some that is the traditional service. For others it may be something very different. Come to think of it, Jesus rarely did his teaching in a church. In fact, he rarely met in buildings at all. He was out where the people were.

Something happened this week that left me frustrated. Actually it made me quite angry. I'm not angry anymore but it still saddens me because it involves my church and I care deeply about my church and want what's best for it and I see this as a sad and unnecessary mistake on their part.

The issue was frustrating because it was so typical of how we become accustomed to doing church. It illustrated the church's need for programs and policies (not bad things in and of themselves) but too often once we have policies in place we tend to adamantly hold to those policies rather than take a moment to consider what God may be trying to do in our midst.

Often, I believe, we really get in the way of the Holy Spirit. Policies are not bad. They just become a hindrance when we place them above discernment and sound judgment. The policy is there to serve us, to be a guide, not to make us a slave to it.

As frustrating as this was, something good may yet come of it. God will work, if not with people, in spite of them. The little group that was meeting and trying to be patient with other obstacles that was placed in it's way by church leadership, finally decided to meet outside of church. And that, may be the best thing that could have happened to it. Sadly, the church lost the blessing this group and this young couple could have been to it.


Gary Means said...

First of all, I'm sorry that you have to endure another bout with Religious people. It's easy for me to get riled up when things like that happen.

As to the church leaving the building, you may recall that I attended a conference last Spring which was entitled, "The Church Has Left the Building." That was the whole focus of the conference. It was a good conference which coincided with a spiritual upheaval in my life, but I've talked that to death too.

Lately I've been wondering about my relationship to the organized Christian church. I feel a need for it, but at the same time, I see no churches in my suburban area that even come close to what I would like to be part of. Of course, I could drive half and hour into Seattle for a weekly worship service, but I want more than that. I really want to be part of the Body, and especially a Body that is alive in the community.

I don't know if I can make it as one of the unchurched, and I know for sure that my wife cannot.

Amber said...

I can get pretty upset about this kind of thing too. It was not me who was involved with this. It was a group my son and his future wife were doing. They were meeting with High School students and were focused on getting to know Jesus rather than learning ABOUT Him or learning a set of morals. They were being really, really honest with each other about their struggles and seeking help for those struggles. And as a result they were growing spiritually. They still are - they're just doing it at an apartment instead of at church now. Which, as I said, may be the best thing.

I thougth I'd heard somewhere about the church leaving the building. I love that concept.

BarBarA said...

Hey A,
I don't feel up to commenting but this was a great post and I hear your heart.

David Cho said...

In fact, he rarely met in buildings at all. He was out where the people were.

How true that is.