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Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's Almost Monday!!! Wooooooo Hoooooooo!!!

Most people dread Mondays but I look forward to them. Monday begins my weekend. Thurs. - Saturday is my work week.

And things are about to change again at work. The cigar-smoking, multi-colored hair, 23 year-old, drama queen is moving in on Friday. That came as a surprise to me because last I heard, she had done something (we don't know what) horrible enough to be kicked completely out of the system. But now she'll be a part of my weekly life. Not so bad .... we've had worse. And she is likable. Still, I have to wonder what I'm in for. During the trial period she was on her best behavior.... I'm sure it won't be too long before we see the real person behind the politeness. It could get interesting.

Thursday night I went to work and had a trainee show up unannounced. No one, except her apparently, knew she was coming. I'm not sure how long she'll last. I offered her the "white book" with all of our client's confidential info in it to read through so she would know what she was getting into and she refused, choosing instead to go sit on the couch. Within 30 minutes, she was snoring. I woke her up the next morning to show her our morning routine.

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