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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More About Discernment

This is sort of a follow up to my previous post below because I'm still thinking about discernment vs. policy and the implications of each.

It seems to me (correct me if I"m out in left field) that when choose to rely on policy regarding who can or cannot serve in church, we violate common sense and sound judgement, but worse yet, we violate discernment, which is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we do need policies and we do need to consider them - always, but I don't believe they should be the determining factor. It concernes me because when we do so, we override the Holy Spirit.

And it makes me wonder .... do we get so comfortable relying on policy when we make decisions about other's that we get out of practice in exercising discerment.

And if so, then what happens if one day we in America find ourselves in a position where we can no longer worship freely? What if we find ourselves one day in a position where our survival relies on our ability to discern?

Yes, we do need policies. Bad things can or could happen if we had no policy at all. But can we ever really "know" someone else's heart using just policy alone? I once attended church with a man for 20 years and spent countless hours socializing with him outside of church and although we all knew something wasn't quite "right" with him, no one said anything. Everyone one of us including me just assumed we were seeing something other than what we were. No one had an idea that he was a preditor until he raped and murdered a 5 year-old little girl.

Somewhere, we must realize the need for something more than policy.Somewhere we have to realize that what we really need is discernment - and the courage to speak up when something doesn't seem right to us.

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