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Monday, January 29, 2007

My Hometown

I just found these pictures of my hometown the other day. As you can see, it was a typical small town in southern Indiana. Like most men in our town, my uncles were farmers or worked at the coal mine. My aunts were all school teachers.
(click for a larger view)

The gray building in the middle was my dad's men's clothing store. We lived in the apartment above it.

The white house in this picture was the house I lived in until I was 7 years-old. It was an apartment house and my parents rented out 2 of the apartments in it. Some of you may remember my story about Mr. Geary who lived in the upstairs apartment. That porch is where I waited for him each day.

Main Street, Petersburg, Indiana

My friends who have traveled back to Petersburg with me are always amazed that I came from a town like this. Some years ago after my grandmother passed away I was going to go home for her funeral. Brian could not go with me becuase he had a wedding to do for a couple. I was going to go alone, which didn't really bother me. But two very good friends would not allow me to go alone and insisted on driving me the four hours back to my hometown for the funeral. That is a kindness I will never forget.


BarBarA said...

That is small town, USA! Was it really like it is on TV where everyone knows everyone else? Did you enjoy your years living there?
Very cool pics!

Amber said...

Yep, it was exactly like that. Everyone knew everyone ... and knew everyone else's business. When I was there I liked living there but I could never go back to living in a small town like that. The gossip factor bugs me, and they have a tendency to see the world as a very small place.

David Cho said...

That is beautiful, Amber. Small Town USA.

My only exposure was when I tagged along with my friend when he went back home in Wisconsin 20 years ago. A small town very much like yours, and it was cool at first, but quickly got old in like 2 days.