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Friday, February 02, 2007

An Eye-Opening Experience

A lady in our church called yesterday. She had a question - "does the local homeless shelter take donations of clothes?". Sometimes I get frustrated with questions like that because they could just as easily call the shelter and ask than to call me, but this lady was different. She had already made a trip there - yesterday morning, and didn't get her question answered because there was a long line of people standing outside to get in and get food. Not having time to wait in the cold for who knows how long, she left and called me to ask her question. She was completely amazed to see that line of folks waiting for food. It's very cold here and yesterday morning it was snowing, yet the line extended for quite a ways out of the door. She had no idea that there were that many people in our town who were hungry enough to wait in that long line.

Sometimes I hear things said about the homeless and the poor. There's the idea that maybe they aren't really that needy ... that maybe their taking advantage ..... that they choose to be the way they are ..... and on it goes with the justifications we tell ourselves for not caring enough to help. The lady in our church saw what she saw and knew that someone would have to be truly hungry to do what those folks were doing.

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David Cho said...

Thank you Amber for a posting like this. It really brings me down to earth.

I read a verse again today about God caring for the poor, but because so few of us actually carry out that command, many go uncared for.