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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm intrigued. The more I research Shane Clairborne and The Simple Way, the more interested I am. I still know very little about him but so far, I'm liking what I see.

I first heard about him from my son Cody. Cody and his soon-to-be bride Allison have been praying about what branch of ministry to go into ... and it appears that they may be led to work with inner-city ministry and the homeless. RWK, your book, which I ordered for myself, has been snatched by my son and it is now well worn. He gives you a two-thumbs up.

Here is an excerpt from an article Shane Clairborne wrote about hell. You can read the entire article here.

People sometimes ask if we are scared of the inner city. I say that I am more scared of the suburbs. Our Jesus warns that we can fear those things which can hurt our bodies or we can fear those things which can destroy our souls, and we should be far more fearful of the latter. Those are the subtle demons of suburbia.

As my mother once told me, “Perhaps there is no more dangerous place for a Christian to be than in safety and comfort, detached from the suffering of others.” I’m scared of apathy and complacency, of detaching myself from the suffering. It’s hard to see until our 20/20 hindsight hits us—but every time we lock someone out, we lock ourselves further in.

Just as we are building walls to keep people out of our comfortable, insulated existence, we are trapping ourselves in a hell of isolation, loneliness and fear. We have “gated communities” where rich folks live. We put up picket fences around our suburban homes. We place barbed wire and razer-wire around our buildings and churches. We put bars on our windows in the ghettos of fear. We build up walls to keep immigrants from entering our country. We guard our borders with those walls—Berlin, Jerusalem, Jericho. And the more walls and gates and fences we have, the closer we are to hell. We, like the rich man, find ourselves locked into our gated homes and far from the tears of Lazarus outside, far from the tears of God.


BarBarA said...

Hi Amber!

This book is available as an audio so if I can get it on my iPod I'm going to listen to it (need some motivation to get back on my ex. bike).

Very cool that Cody and Alison are thinking of an inner-city ministry and that RWK inspired them.

I love the quote you have here from Shane about the scariest place to be is complacency etc.

Great stuff. Thanks!

Bruce said...

This is good stuff, I'm going to check out more on Shane. A couple of Sunday nights ago I led our Single's group in a discussion on walls, and how we put up walls to protect us but by doing so we keep out those who can help us heal also.

Thanks for the links to Shane.


Amber said...

I am currently reading his book. It's good and packed with wisdom. I couldn't do his lifestyle of living in a commune, but he has some good stuff to say and some hard questions for us to ask ourselves. The traditional church doesn't challenge me much anymore so it's nice to be challenged again.