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Monday, February 12, 2007

(Product) RED

I like (Product) RED, and, I don't. I like the idea that if I'm going to buy something anyway, I may as well buy a (Product) RED item and know that a percentage (up to 50%) will go toward fighting HIV/AIDS & Malaria in Africa. OR, I can just buy a cheaper product and give the money to a charity that helps the needs in Africa. The problem with that is, I may buy the cheaper product and then forget to give. Buying (Product) RED just makes it easier and I'm a typical lazy American and like to do things the easy way.

Sometimes though, it's just TOO easy to buy (Product) RED.

For instance. My cell phone died. It just up and died. So I took it to the Cingular store to see if they would let me change phones. I've been a customer of Cingular for at least 6 years. Here is how that visit went.

Clerk: May I help you?

Me: Yeah, I'm having a problem with my phone. It died. When I flip it open to answser a call or make a call I get a blank screen.

Clerk: Hmmm.... (checks it out).... What's your cell number?

Me: (Tell him my cell number)

Clerk: (looks it up) Well, you are available for an upgrade. I can sign you up for a new contract.

Me: I don't want a new contract. I just want a phone that works.

Clerk: Well if you just want to buy a phone the cheapest I have is $150.00

Me: I don't think so. Can't I just switch phones?

Clerk: Not without signing a new contract. Your phone is no longer under warranty so you would either have to sign a new contract or buy a phone outright.

Me: Well I don't really ant to do with of those.... I like the idea of (Product) RED but Cingular doesn't have that so if I have to buy a new contract for $200.00 or a new phone for $150.00, I will just go with Sprint and the (Motorola) RED phone.

Clerk: Well I don't know what's up with (Product) RED but they will only work with certain companies. (takes the battery out of my phone, puts it back in. Tries to turn it on but it fails as it has been doing.) Well gosh, I can't get your phone to turn on now.

Me: Yeah, that's the problem. It's useless. That's why I need a new phone. (DUH!)

Clerk: Well I have one for $150.00.

Me: I guess you can't help me then. Bye!

From there I got online and did some shopping and comparing of various carriers, plans and phones. And guess what?

For $29.00 (after $50.00 rebate) I can get a (Motorola) RED RAZR with 200 more minutes per month and NO START UP fee when you get it online. And $17.00 of that $29.00 goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa! True, it's $80.00 on my credit card and then I have to mail in a $50.00 rebate but I can deal with that.

The only other decent deal was with Verizon where I could pay $90.00 and none of it go to fight AIDS in Africa

So with Cingular I could have paid either $200.00 for a new contract or $150.00 for a new phone, OR I can go to Sprint and get the RED phone and no start up fee for $29.00.

Let me see... $150.00 or $29.00???

My new phone (pictured) will be here this week.

BTW ... If Brian and I "disappear" from blogs and email this week it will be because we're supposed to get a LOT of snow and ICE and they are telling us we could be without power for several days.


MsDee said...

I hate phone stores!
I love that money is going to Africa!
I hope you don't lose power yikes!

BarBarA said...

I'm having a little phone envy!!! Now every time you get it out to make a call and someone says "cool phone" you can tell them about "RED". I just wish they had more products to choose from. I'd like a new red car and I wish GAP would make some t-shirts that fit women that need more room on top. I love the t-shirts but they don't fit me :(

Amber said...

msdee - I hate phone stores too! So far there's no snow or ice but it's on it's way.

barbara - I wish they had more stuff too. I think they will expand and do a lot more but right now the pickins are slim