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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rambling About My Week

Geez a title like that really makes you want to read this eh?

I said something about this in a previous post but it has really struck me as odd that I gave my first genuine "old lady" talk last Saturday night. I was asked to speak to the 30 somethings at church. I thought it was funny that one of them asked me how old I was and when I said, "45" she exclaimed, "REALLY??? Your THAT old???" Yep, I am. I am pretty sure that was a compliment but it still struck me as funny because I don't consider 45 to be old.

I'm feeling better as far as coffee withdrawl goes too. The first couple of days were rough. I felt like I had the flu or something but day by day it gets better. I still have a headache and I'm still really tired but it's better than before.

The Two Weeks of Sacrifice is a weird thing. Speaking for myself, there are two parts to this deal - (1) giving money to help build wells in Africa where millions lack access to clean water, and (2) the sacrifice. I could just give money, and that is fine. A lot of people are doing that and that's a good thing because the need is so desperate in Africa and I'd venture that most everyone I know could afford to give a little to help a lot. But for some reason, for me, the sacrifice part has been important. I'm not sure why. From the start I've just felt that God has something for me if I do this. I'm not even sure what that is... maybe something I need to learn or something about me that needs to change, or something that will bring me closer to Him. I don't know what it is, but I know I want it.

I was SO tempted to "cheat" yesterday when I saw some chocolate covered expresso beans at the store. I even put them in my cart and then I thought, "no, I couldn't be OK with that. I'm determined to do this with no coffee at all". For me that's the "me" part and the giving is the "their" part. If that makes any sense.

I'm also reading Shane Claiborne's book and am almost finished with it. I may be posting my thoughts about it in the near future. I know two things: I like what he says, and I don't like what he says.

I am also excited about going to a homeless camp this Friday. The other night my son met a lady who works as a "Cooridinator of Homeless Outreach and Criminal Justice Services" . She is also on the board of the local homeless shelter. I had met her before and always wanted to go with her to see the things she sees. Now I get my chance!


BarBarA said...

That is pretty darn funny what that 30 something year old said. 45 (or 47 for that matter) is NOT old! Its a mind set. Maybe in the 1950's it was old, but HELLO!!! I think it was a total compliment to you, you don't look it and you're very hip. :)

Good job putting down the beans! I am glad you feel better.

Be sure to write about the Homeless Camp, very interested in that.

Amber said...

I am looking foward to seeing the homeless camp. It should be eye-opening to see. I will write about it on Friday (or maybe Saturday).