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Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Step Backward; A Step Forward

Two stories to update on ....

Carly did come home from the hospital but soon started running a fever of 104. She is now back in ICU. I can only imagine how discouraging this would be for her and her parents.
UPDATE - note from Carly's dad ....

Some of you may know that Carly is back in the ICU at Childrens. She came home
Thursday afternoon and everything was fine until Friday night when I flushed her
central line. She apparently had an infection brewing in the line and when I
flushed it it sent the infection directly into her heart and therefore her whole
body. She was in septic shock within half an hour and she had a very rough night
to say the least. She is doing ok now, but she is still on a lot of drugs to
support her heart. She is starting to make some recovery progress, but it is
slow so far. I will update more later. Kev

The Lady Who Saw the Need
The lady in my church that called about taking coats to the homeless shelter went to deliver her goods the other day and was yet again suprised when 5 men came running up to her pickup asking if she had any mens winter coats because they had none. This morning she made an announcement in the service telling about her experience and asking people to bring their used coats and that she would take them there. I love it! I love to see everyday people in the pews seeing a need, feeling a burdern to "do something" and then acting on it. It's one of the things I've prayed for and worked for so I'm a little encouraged to see the change happening even if it is slower than I would like.

Update - the lady who saw the need told me tonight that when she is no longer raising her grandson (when he goes home to his parents), working at the shelter will be her ministry.


Bruce said...

I hate that about Carly. I pray she is doing better.

And the lady with the homeless shelter - that is truly inspiring. And a great story. So many of us are just "pew potatoes" and just sit doing nothing but talk...I'm the worse.


nakedpastor said...

i'll be thinking of carly. Lord, raise her up!

Amber said...

Thanks for your prayers for Carly.

David Cho said...

That is indeed very discouraging about Carly. My prayers are with her.