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Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Strange Call

My phone rang this morning, which is not terribly unusual but this time I was a little taken aback to hear my husband's voice on the other end of the phone. I had assumed he was in his study preparing for his message today and didn't realize he was not at home. He was calling from the hospital where he had been called out for a man, a friend, who was possibly having a heart attack. A different man from the call last night to come to the hospital for someone who was dying.

Brian was calling to ask me to bring his Bible and sermon notes to church with me this morning. That wasn't so strange either. What was strange was that he said his notes would be, "either on my Bible, near my bible, or in the garbage can".

Hmmmm.... kinda makes me wonder what kind of message we're in for this morning....


Anonymous said...

Notes salvaged from a garbage can had a message on salvation?
Amrita (India)

David Cho said...

Maybe Brian will post it.

David Cho said...

BTW, whatever happened to what Brian started online. You know how Brian wanted a "young woman" to say hello to him while he was basking in the Florida sun.

Did you finish him off offline?

Amber said...

It was actually one of his better messages. Maybe he will post it, or at least part of it. Not many people will listen to a sermon online though.

As to what happened to Brain's young woman - I think he decided to keep his mouth shut. Probably a good idea. =)

BarBarA said...

Well i sure would like to hear the message, I have a feeling it was a good one! (oh I wrote that before seeing that you said it was!)