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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Worldview Weekend

I have been invited to attend the Worldview Weekend in Branson, MO. My church is even willing to pay for my trip there and the cost of registration. But something gives me the feeling that I would not really be welcome there.

Honestly, when it was presented to me and I was told it was in Branson, I didn't give it a second thought and didn't even look at the materials because I knew it was unlikely that I would be able to go. It's probably on a weekend, given the name Worldview Weekend, and weekends are my work-week and I can rarely get off work . So I just didn't even look at it.

Then Brian raised some concerns about it to me so I looked Worldview Weekend up online to see what it's all about. I was intrigued to find that they have a little test there to see if I you a Biblical Worldview thinker. I took the test.

Now, I consider myself to be a follower of Christ. I answered each question that pertained to salvation in the most conservative way possible - that Jesus is the only way. I believe the Bible is the word of God and that God is the source of all truth and I try to live out the message of the gospel to the best of my ability - not because I "have" to in order to score points with God, but because I want to because of the love and grace shown to me by Jesus Christ.

Yet according to their test, I am ranked WAY down on the list somewhere close to being a communist!

I suspect it was because many of their questions I could not give an opinion on. The ones about our founding fathers I answered "no opinion" because I didn't know those guys personally and can not say with assurance what their motives were. I know what I've been taught about them but I don't trust that I was taught the truth. When you begin to look at their lives, well, some of them seem a little shady to say the least. And because I do not believe they showed the love of Christ or acted in Godly ways when they funded our country (they slaughtered the "savages" with a get saved or die attitude), those questions apparently counted against me.

I also answered "tend to disagree" on some of the political questions. I do not believe that having a totally christian state is in the best interest of the "Church". The Church has always grown under times of persecution - not times when they were in compliance with a government. You cannot legilate morality. Morality is a heart issue and you simply cannot rule anyone into being anything. Having a christian state may be in the best interest of our country - I don't know, but as a follower of Christ I am more concerned about the state of the Church than the state of our country. I do not believe the USA is more godly or more favored by God than other countries. That belief is very patriotic but not very grounded biblically.

And becuase I didn't answer that all who are able to work and don't should go hungry as a "Strongly Agree", apparently that counted against me as well. I happen to belieive that there are various circumstances that determine the answer to that question and that it is not always a black and white issue. The question, as most of their questions, left little room to consider circumstances. Everything was a black and white issue to them. To not answer was to be rated lower on my "biblical worldview score".

So basically, I am a lesser Christian if a Christian at all according to those folks. That doesnt' bug me. I couldn't care less. I am not anxious to join their ranks. In fact, I would be ashamed to be a part of their ranks. I never want to be that narrow minded and legalistic again. I've been there and do not care to return.

What bugs me is their legalistic nature - the old "if you don't see things my way you are wrong" attitude. They leave no room for a personal relationship with the living Christ. They only adhere to a set of rules that are used to measure one's spirituality.

*NOTE* I do not believe my church made the decison to pay teacher's expenses to this confrence with any real knowledge of what the Worldview Weekend was or is or what they stand for. I think they just were anxious to help our teachers and as a teacher I appreciate that.. In fact, I don't believe that anyone in my church who supports this confrence has the same legalistic worldview as the guys runing this confrence do. The people who are supporting this are my friends and I know for a fact that they are not as narrow minded and mean spirited as this. It goes against the grace and freedom that our church has always stood for.

*NOTE* Neither do I believe the people putting on this confrence are trying to be decietful or mean-spirited. I believe they are very sincere and are trying to do what they believe is correct. But the religious leaders of Jesus' day also sincerely felt they were doing the right thing as well.


Jean said...

When I was presented the material, I considered going. After all, my church was willing to foot the bill...Must be important. As I read the material, I saw many red flags. To me, it seems to have a narrow dogmatic judgemental view. I was disturbed by it. There are questions I'd love to explore. Like what DOES the bible have to say about socialism? But, I don't want somebody simply telling me what to think. And, I don't want to sit and listen to speakers who belittle anyone who disagrees with them. That kind of an attitude makes me sick.

Amber said...

Yeah, Christians should always be leary of people to tell them what to think rather than how to think.

I don't know what the bible says about socialism. I don't even know what socialism believes and I don't consider myself a socialist at all - certainly not a communist. Aren't communist pretty narrow minded in their own right?? I stand for freedom and I thought that's what America was for too. So yeah, I'm a little confused.

What disturbed me was that I could agree with them on the essential things like salvation and the authority of God and the Bible, but was still not "acceptable" to them.

BarBarA said...

Sounds like a good choice, Amber. I hope there is a some sort of conference coming up one of these days that we could meet at! I even have a great idea for who the keynote speaker could be.

Brian Buriff said...

Keynote speaker - Bono?

David Cho said...

My comment disappeared! I wrote a long one.

Amber said...

That's too bad David. I bet it was a good one too since you know what you're talking about when it comes to these things.

I don't have a problem with the speakers - some of them I like, some I don't. That's just opinion. It's Brannon Howse, the founder and pres. that I have an issue with. I did more research on him today and was really concerned about what I found out about him. I wish our church wasn't supporting this, but that's one of the cool things about giving people freedom - they can choose to go and believe what they want to. I was concerned about some of our more vulnerable people going to this unaware of this man's agenda and being sucked into believing something so damnable but hopefully some of the others that go will keep an ear open for any garbage.

I've talked to everyone involved at my church and am satisfied that I've said what I have to say so that my conscience is clear and will leave it be. What will be will be.

David Cho said...

Looks like you are doing the right thing, Amber. You are right. It appears to be about what to think and how to think. Do you notice that after taking the test, they tell you what the "correct answer" is?

And one of the question is George Bush is the President? What kind of question is that?

And one that really gets me going is that the constitution does not have the wording "separation of church and state," and therefore the constitution does not support that concept.

It really embarrasses me every time I hear that argument. Well, the constitution does not say "separation of mosque and state" either, and I am sure Islamic fundamentalists will in agreement should this country one day becomes predominantly Muslim.

BTW, the site says I am a secular humanist in several areas. You and me both!

Amber said...

David - I thought that question was strange too. I mean, if you asked that on a psych exam and someone answered "Disagree" they might persecribe some sort of really strong drug for you. I guess they were trying to figure out if you believe that he was not fairly elected or something. Still, dumb question.

I noticed the "Correct answer" thing too - as if there's only one correct answer.

So you're a secular humanist. So is my son. Looks like we're all going to hell.