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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Blanket Brigade

A friend and I were chatting on the phone tonight about some of the needs for blankets, hats and coats on the Pine Ridge Reservation and in our local homeless shelter/street outreach.

Earlier in the evening I had gotten a massage and had mentioned to the girl giving me the massage that it would be cool to go to the homeless shelter and give 10 min. massages to some of the people there. She thought it was a great idea that she would like to do. Tomorrow I'll hook her up with the director.

As I was telling my friend about this I mentioned that it would be really great to have someone who could cut/do hair to go and give haircuts ... and maybe someone to give manicures too.

My friend said, "gosh, I have no talent". I told her that was a load of crap. She is one of the craftiest people I know (it the best sense). She is one of the very few people I know that still quilt. I mean really, who does that anymore??

Somehow, as conversations go, we began brainstorming about what all could be done ... ladies who love to crochet, knit, or quilt could get together and sew/knit/crochet for the homeless and for those on the Rez. It could be extended to other churches. Why not tear down some denominational walls and work together to make a difference in our world? Now there's an idea. Maybe even craft stores would allow a flier to be posted asking others to join in or donate left-over materials. This thing could really grow. Relationships could be built. Lives could change.

Then after a pause my friend said, "I love you but sometimes I hate you."

"Yeah, I know. That's OK. Hey lady, let's live on the edge. Let's see what we can do, I mean, life's an adventure after all. We're going to die one day, what's to lose."

By the way Cathy, for us NON-crafty people, I found this really cool, easy and CHEAP quilt pattern that only requires old jeans and 2 yards of flannel. Now how about that!


hallga77 said...


This friend you speak of is also crafty in the other somewhat devious way but "everyone is normal until you get to know them".
That is the title of a book or something like that.

The upcoming choir Bday P
arty/Talent show is proof of that.


Amber said...

Yes, she is quite crafty in a lot of ways. And don't even mention the "talent" show. Oh my ....