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Monday, March 26, 2007

Carly Update

It's been a while since I've updated about Carly. She is still doing great and baffling the docs. She is home and is off the ventilator all day long. She is also walking about and acting like the old Carly again.

Yesterday she came to Church for the second time since being out of the hospital. I saw her parents sitting in the pew next to me but didn't see Carly. I asked Logan if she was there and he said, "yeah, she sitting next to her mom". I had been looking for and expecting a wheelchair but no, Miss Carly had walked in!

Doctors told this family last June that she would not live and that they should consider 'unplugging" the machines that kept her alive. She fooled them and lived. Then they told them that she may never be off the ventilator but again, she is fooling them. They said it might take up to a couple of years before she would walk again but she is walking by herself.

Miracles like this don't happen often. I don't know why. God makes very little sense to me. I can only trust that he knows what He's doing and be grateful when I see something like Carly's recovery.

*The pic is a recent one.

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David Cho said...

What a precious little girl.