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Monday, March 12, 2007


They say he looks just like his dad. What do you think? The expression here is about right. He's obviously not much of a fisherman - at least not when he's fishing for real fish.

Anyone who happens to feel like praying for Cody (my oldest son) this week, I am sure he would appreciate it and I know his mama would. Cody is on Spring Break in Chicago doing inner-city work this week. He's on the road and quite possibly in not such great neighborhoods and his cell phone is not in working order. That concerns his mom a bit, so prayers are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

He look more like you than Brian! He has your eyes!!!

BarBarA said...

Hey that was me not "anonymous" but I did something wrong. I was going to say, he's a cutie!

Amber said...

Yeah, he's pretty cute. I don't think he looks like either of us. Logan on the other hand, is the spitting image of me. He's not happy about it either. ;)

hallga77 said...

How do you choose an identity when you're having an identity crisis? Is this part of the identity theft problem?

Oh,well I guess I'll have to be myself & be serious.


I can't help remembering at Bro Bacani's school in the Phillipines and the Codeman getting introduced in to the student assembly. The normally polite & demure girls giggling and swooning. I am glad he has regained some of his humility but it was fun to watch but then he had to come back to the USA (and Earth). That was the first time I got to really know him and he is a great kid,now young adult despite being a PK. Good work!

Amber said...

Yeah, he turned out OK. We went through a lot of phases - the annoying voices, the weird eye trick, my fear that he would grow up to be Jim Carey, a fair amount of arrogance ....somehow he's grown into a pretty compassionate, caring, and responsible young man.