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Friday, March 30, 2007

Consider the Trees

Spring is here. I can tell because the grass is green, the trees are blooming, and Frankie is back on main street. Frankie is a local mentally ill man who has become a fixture around our town. He can often be found laying on his belly at Kroger coloring posters, or riding his bike around main street with dozens of stuffed animals attached to his clothing and hat. These works of art he sells to anyone who will buy one from him. I myself have bought a large, nearly life-sized poster of Jesus bearing the inscription Jesus Loves You across the top.
Aside from seeing Frankie back on main street, one of my favorite things about spring is the flowering trees. Crabapples are my favorite. They are so glorious and graceful looking - so long as Brian keeps his pruning sheers away from them, and something about them always makes me feel peaceful.
I learned something from Cody the other day about trees. Apparently they know when they are dying. How they know this is beyond me, but once they realize they are dying, they flower like crazy, putting all of their energy into making seed that will go on to become new trees after they are gone rather than spending their energy on maintaining their own life.
I thougth about this and thought that we might do well to learn something from trees. We are all in a sense, dying. It may not be today or tomorrow or next week, but it might be. Even the longest life is short and none of us are promised another breath. It seems to me that once we really grasp that, that we will spend our time and energy and money on the things that are enternal rather than on the temporal.
Just wondering, if you found out this was your last year to live would your daily life change any?

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