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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Dress Saga Contines

If you read my last post I mentioned that FedEx had lost the package containing the dress I had ordered for my son's wedding. That was irritating and both Brian and I have been calling FedEx and bugging them to find it.

Well, yesterday it finally came! Better late than never, right? The problem is, it's UGLY! I mean, really ugly. The picture of it just does not capture it correctly - at all. And it's a bit snug. I can get into it, but I look like a stuffed sausage. Needles to say that was not the look I was going for.

So, I'm returning it. Which means that I now have to head out to various shops in search of another dress.

I went to one bridal shop yesterday but they do not carry mother's dresses in stock so I'm back to ordering from a picture. A bit frightening, especially after this experience. They had one that looked good in the picture but I have to let her know TODAY if I want her to order it. So I'm a bit pressed for time.

Today I'm off to shop and hopefully find a dress that is in stock and that I can actually SEE and try on.

This should be a fun time. I should enjoy finding a dress to wear to my son's wedding, but I dread it. Greatly. It's been fun watching Allison get her dress and seeing how the big day is coming together but I detest shopping for clothes for myself. Gaining weight will do that to you. Nothing I put on looks good on me anyway so my attitude is why bother. I had hoped to lose weight before the wedding but that's not happening. I am officially fat. I've never been fat before in my life and am not liking it now. I was always thin, then I was anorexic, now I'm fat. The thing I dread about this particular shopping trip is trying on the dresses. A day of looking at myself in the mirror doesn't rate high on my enjoyment scale. And God help the poor assistant who tries to accompany me into the dressing room.


I have a dress! It's denim.

Just kidding. I did find a dress, and shoes, and jewlery. I'm set to go once I figure out what to do with the hair.

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Brian Buriff said...

Amber is a total knock out in this newest dress - very very glamorous!