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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last Night

It's been a busy weekend. Last night we gathered with several others from our church at the home of some friends and watched a Rich Mullins concert. This concert was Rich's last and was done about 2 weeks before he was killed in a car accident. The thing I've always loved about Rich is his message. His music is OK too but it's really his determination to live out the gospel in very real ways that attracts me to Rich. Here is a short portion of the video where Rich really shares his heart. It's about 9 min. long but you'll be glad you took the time to watch it.

Rich Mullins was a different sort of Christian recording artist. He is probably best know for his praise song, "Our God Is An Awesome God", or "Step by Step". His influence went much further than his music, as Brian said, he was a sort of modern day prophet who pretty much told it like it was. He refused to adhere to the usual Christian norms by appearing on stage barefoot and unshaven and looking more like a homeless man than a well-known Christian recording artist. He was also unafraid to share his own inadequacies and sins while on stage or in public. The first time I saw Rich I wasn't sure what to do with him. He was a strange blend of traits. He was funny, sometimes offensive, and yet terribly wise. The thing that really got my attention about him was after his death in 1997 it was discovered that although he was very successful as a musician he chose to give most of what he had away. He lived in a small trailer on an Indian reservation and had very few possessions. He wasn't even sure how much money he made because it all went to charity. Rich loved God with everything he had and unlike anyone else I'd ever seen.


BarBarA said...

Oh Amber! I can't wait to watch this. I am going to do it in a little while. I miss Rich so much, but he left a lot behind for us.

annie said...

I am glad I watched it. Thanks for sharing it Amber. It was very timely for me.

David Cho said...

I am afraid I don't know who that is. Is there a quick bio I can look at?

BTW, your feed to bloglines is finally working again. I used the wrong feed.

Brian Buriff said...

Rich was of sorts a modern day prophet - a fresh voice in a confused world - who eventually "went out like Elijah."

Amber said...

I added a bit of info about him for you David.

David Cho said...

Wow, thanks amber. What a fresh voice indeed, and why is it that good ones die young?