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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A New Blog - And An Update on Two Weeks of Sacrifice!

Good news! Blood:Water Mission has a blog! You can find it here. They are also on MySpace. I'll be adding the link to my sidebar soon.

And today was the last day of the Two Weeks of Sacrifice! YES!!! I can drink COFFEE again!!! I had 5 cups before church and then went to Starbucks right after lunch! I may go back again this evening.

It was HARD. Last Thursday I thought I might die if I didn't have a cafe' Mocha. But then I remembered that thousands die every day in Africa for lack of something as simple as clean water. So, no, I didn't drink a fancy coffee drink and I didn't die. And today I have the luxury of enjoying a Carmel Cafe' Mocha as well as all the coffee I can put down the hatch.

Even better news ... initially we have raised $744.97 for Blood:Water Mission. I expect more to come in this evening. 100% of this will go toward building wells in Africa. I would love to see that figure rise to at least $1000.00. According to BWM, the average cost of a well is $3000.00. We still have to see what the Native Americans will do this summer. I have a feeling they will be good givers even though they have little to give. They will be able to relate to not having enough of life's necessities and they have a culture that encourages sharing rather than hording materialistic goods. I think I'll be humbled by their generosity.

I'm still looking into finding a restaurant that will become involved. Pray about that. We have an opportunity to literally change the world and save lives.

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