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Monday, March 19, 2007

Rainy Days & Mondays

Today it's both Monday and it's raining. Normally neither of those bug me, but today I'm tired and crabby. It's one of those days where I just don't like anybody or anything.

This morning I went to the doctor expecting to get my thumb taken care of. This is embarrassing, but I have a wart. I've never had a wart before but when I got one I got a doosey of one. It's under my thumbnail and the entire nail has to come off. Ouch! I thought that was what I was having done today but no, he says I need to come back in late April to have it done. I'm afraid to see the bill on this. He charged me nearly $300.00 (not a misprint) for the office visit. I can't imgine what it will cost for him to actually do something. It may cost me an arm and a leg to get my thumb fixed.

So, I treated myself to a new favorite Starbucks coffee mug and a bagel and I came home and had my bagel and coffee and did nothing. I did it all day long too.

Well enough of my grumbling. Tonight I'm going out with Brian and maybe tomorrow I'll feel like being nicer.


Bruce said...

Hope you are feeling better today...that thumb thing sounds pretty nasty.


Amber said...

Feelling better today, thanks! Still not looking foward to having my thumb nail yanked off though.