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Saturday, March 03, 2007

This Should Be Interesting

We have a new client at work. She's visited before but yesterday the 23 year-old, cigar smoking, drama queen moved in. Her paperwork came with her along with an idea of what we can expect. She has bi-polar disorder, impulse control disorder, attachment disorder and a history of violence including inflicting bodily harm and destruction of property. She also has a history of anorexia and self-abuse.

These are just issues - we all have issues. At least that's what I'm telling myself. I myself am personally acquainted with some of her issues. I'm a bit worried about the "inflicting bodily harm" thing, but I guess if provoked enough, we're all capable of that. Actually, I like her. She's quite pleasant and interacts easily and is very friendly. Not at all like the list of disorders that accompanied her. We share in interest in scary movies. I'm just hoping she doesn't watch them to get ideas of what to do to staff. So far she's been sweet and easy to get along with. But the honeymoon has only begun. I'm sure we'll see the dark side at some point. I'm a little conflicted about her moving in, can ya tell??

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David Cho said...

Just a little conflicted? LOL. I have always wondered the redundancy of the word "bodily" in "inflicting bodily harm." Maybe that is because I just don't like that word.