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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To My Son's Bride: Some Things I Want You To Know


As the big day is quickly coming upon us and you are preparing to become one of our family, there are some things I want you to know.

First of all, I want you to know how pleased we are in you. Cody picked well. Very well. When people have asked me what I think of you I always answer that I could not have picked a better young woman for my son if I had hand picked one for him myself.

I am excited with the idea of having a daughter-in-law. I always dreamt of having a daughter and now I that dream is almost fulfilled. I hope that in the days ahead of us that we will enjoy some shopping trips, and lunches and all sorts of fun things and that you'll let me treat you to some nice things from time to time.

I want you to know that I love you what's more, I like you! Families sometimes love each other because we have to, but I really like who you are. I like your compassionate spirit. How you care for those who often cannot care for themselves. I've seen how you seek others to minister to, whether it be a college student who is a little confused and searching for Jesus, or whether it is a young lady at the homeless shelter who needs a friend. I was so proud of you when you invited that girl over to your apartment for Bible study and to bake cookies. You even went beyond that and took her to hand out cookies to your neighbors and in so doing, involved this young girl in the act of giving.

I like that you are committed to your church. Honestly, I had hoped, for purely selfish reasons, that you would choose to come to our church. As I said, my reasons were completely selfish because I would get to see you more that way, and because I knew you would be a huge asset to our church - and that someday I would be able to sit in church and hold and show off my grandkids the way my friends get to. But I know that as you and Cody begin your life and your ministry together, that your church is the perfect one God has in mind for you and he to attend and I am truely happy to see you there serving Him.

I like that you are so completely unselfish. As I've watched you plan and prepare for the wedding, the emphasis has always seem to be on how others will feel that day rather than on how others can make you feel special. So many times weddings are all about the bride ... and that is fine because that day is for the bride, but you have gone out of your way to ensure that others feel special that day too. That is a rare thing to see in most brides and I've been proud that my son picked someone with those qualities.

I like that you are so talented. You can do so many things whether it be making the flowers for your wedding, or sewing, or making jewlery and sit and am amazed that you are so gifted.

I like your smile and the way you get so excited when you talk about what God is doing in your life. That enthusiasm is something I really cherish about you. It is so clear when talking to you that you love Jesus with all your heart and that His passion is burning within you. Brian and I have prayed for our sons to marry girls who are in love with Jesus and it is a blessing to see those prayers answered.

There is a song called, Somewhere in the World by Wayne Watson, and when my boys were both little boys I made that song a prayer for the girls they would marry. I will post the words at the end of this post.

Our relationship will not be perfect. As time goes on, I am sure we will have some disagreements and maybe even a few arguments along they way. Families do those kinds of things, just ask Cody. But I want you to know that you can always be honest with me. That is how relationships work and want ours to be a "real" and honest relationship. And I want you to know that there is nothing you can say or do that would make me love you any less.

Welcome to the family.

Somewhere In The World
by Wayne Watson

Somewhere in the world today
A little girl will go out to play
All dressed up in mama's clothes
At least the way that I suppose it goes

Somewhere in the world tonight
Before she reaches to turn out the light
She'll be prayin' from a tender heart
A simple prayer that's a work of art
And I don't even know her name
But I'm prayin' for her just the same
That the Lord will write His name upon her heart

Cause somewhere in the course of this life
My little boy will need a godly wife
So hold on to Jesus, baby, wherever you are

Somewhere in the world out there
That little girl's learnin' how to care
She's pickin' up her mamas charms
Or maybe, swigin' around in her daddy's arms

Somewhere in the world to be
Through the future's not real clear to me
Theirs could be a tender love
Grounded in eternal love above


Brian Buriff said...

Allison - everything Amber said, I say "Dido" (spelling?) to. Brian

Allison said...

Oh my, you make me cry. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words! What a blessing it is to be joining your wonderful family!

My love to you both.

Bruce said...

This was wonderful. I pray that my Allison will one day find a man like Cody and a family like yours to join.

Blessings on all of you.

hallga77 said...


That was great. I am honored that you shared those normally private sentiments with us.

To Brian "is this thing on" Buriff-
Dido is the name of a pop singer.