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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wedding Rehearsal

Cody and Allison are getting married May 5th, so as the family of the groom, the rehearsal dinner is our responsibility.

It is going to be an outdoor wedding at a camp and we have a building there reserved for the rehearsal dinner and a good friend and wonderful cook (John) preparing the meal. Now all I have to do is figure out how to decorate.

Yesterday I spent the day shopping for decorations for the tables. Since it's an outdoor spring wedding I decided to go with spring colors. I had pink, orange, pale yellow and sage green in mind, but of course you go with what you can find. I was pleased actually. It was one of those days where everything went right. I found the EXACT number of flowers - all alike that I needed. I also found tablecloths on clearance and bought them, hoping to find more like them at the other Target. And I did! I probably have more tablecloths than I need, but that's OK. I even found M&Ms in spring colors. They are new this year - not the usual pastels that they have for Easter but bright orange, green, pink and yellow colors that are called Va Va Va Bloom! I still need to shop for table runners, napkins, etc. but I think that will be pretty easy to put together. Pictured are a few of the things I picked up yesterday. I posted them so Allison can see what I'm up to.

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Mustang Girl said...

aww those are some pretty decorations! My cousin is getting married the same day! Eeee it is so exciting plus I am in the wedding party! Many blessings to your son and soon to be daughter-in law