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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wow, I Can't Imagine

Just got this email this morning. I grew up under Ralph and Karen's ministry and am still in touch with them. I've written about them before - after their own 4 biological chilren grew up, they left the pastoral ministry and have since adopted somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 special needs children. They currently have 7 or 8 (I can't keep up) still living at home, 3 of which are in wheelchairs, 1 is autistic, and one deaf. Some have been left profoundly mentally retarded due to beatings they recieved at their biological parent's hands. Ralph and Karen truly amaze me as they live out the words of Jesus in their everyday life. These folks are the real deal. They are really having a HARD time - even hard by their standards - and could use a prayer or two. Read for yourself ....

Good Morning Friends and Family,
I will probably start this now and then finish it sometime later so if it doesn't make sense please forgive me but lately life hasn't made much sense just rush and run and chaos. Please know that even though it has been so long since I have written, you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
I guess the first news should be that Ralph fell on some black ice in February. At first, we thought that there would be some soreness and then recovery but this has turned into something that may complicate our lives for some time to come. It has developed that he hurt his back, a protruded disc and some bone deterioration has become the diagnosis. After a long wait for Workers Comp to kick in and prior the tests needed, he got an MRI last Friday. It validated what we feared and Ralph will see a surgeon on April 3. We (our doctor and us) are fairly sure that surgery will be the next step. Again we will have to wait for Workers comp to prior all the necessary steps so we ask for your prayers for pain relief and for speed with the paperwork.
Butch has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now....he had continued to not eat well without a huge fuss so the pulmonary docs decided to try the feeding program again. This time I think he is getting the message but with huge amounts of calories in his system he is not gaining the weight that they would like for him to gain and that he needs to gain to stay healthy. We are looking into other possibilities and hoping that we can figure this thing out. Of course the big thing with this is that he must earn privileges by eating...soooo I am unable to stay with him and we have actually seen him very little .......hard on Mom and Dad. We are hoping that he will be home and we can work the new steps into our family life soon.
We have had some difficulty with MRDD and FCCS over our Shelly's bed. Seems that the bed that she has been in for 15 years is now unacceptable to the regulations......even though it has been the only things that has kept her safe while we are all sleeping during the night. Well, after many months and much frustration on all parts, I think we have a solution that is acceptable to all. Yah!!!!!!! I want to thank all of you who were praying for us and for favor with our authorities.....God is good.
Most of you know that my Mom passed away while visiting us at Christmas, Daddy and Annie (my sister) have done well to move ahead with their grief and loss and have decided to move here sometime soon. We began the process this week.....Daddy and Ann came here and we got her started in the MRDD process and met with a realtor to begin looking for a house near us that would suit them. Daddy went with our daughter Dawn to look at some retirement housing and he and I went to look at a few houses......the process has begun. Please pray that we will be able to find something that is right for them here and that he will be able to get his house on the market and the right buyer will appear quickly.
In the midst of all of this , we continue to homeschool, farm and of course work at our church. Life is good but God is goooooooderrrrr. There are days when I get up wondering how I will walk through the day.......to start the steps and find myself falling into bed that night thanking God that he has walked me through. Life is always complicated in the nest....as you all know....but with God's help and our friends and family's love and help we are managing. The kids seem to be well and thriving.
Donnie and Mary Jo are finished with this years basketball. Both teams did well and it was obvious that the kids matured in their playing and in their friendships. I am so thankful for Special Olympics and the special people that it has brought into our lives. Pray for them please.
Well, the morning has started and I hear little footsteps....oops sorry not so little.....so I better close this and head to my own chores. We love you all and are curious about what is happening in your lives. Thank you again for your prayers and love and know that we love you all soooooo very much and pray for blessings in your life constantly. Have a great, even if it is wet, day and I will try to do better about communicating so the communications won't be so long.
Just me in the nest (surviving), Karen

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Brian Buriff said...

Just when I feel overwhelmed, I realize that I have it made. Ralph and Karen Watts are two very very courageous and dedicated people. Their love for their children...man, what can you say. They've given everything. So much I could learn from them if I dare.