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Thursday, April 05, 2007


My baby turns 18 today. I would post a pic but blogger is being stupid today and won't let me. We will not be able to celebrate today - he has Police Explorers today and will not be home until later in the evening. So, we're celebrating on Saturday. And whay might you ask, do you do to celebrate an 18 year-old's birthday when that 18 year-old wants to be a cop? Why shoot guns of course. We are all going to a shooting range to shoot handguns - or at least try to. Everybody clear the place on Saturday.
This is a Glock 22 which is probaby the gun I will choose to shoot.
I cannot post a picture of Logan in his uniform ... apparently it's against the rules to post a pic of an Police Explorer in uniform on the Internet??

Happy Birthday Logan!


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!!

You'll have so much fun shooting, do you go often? Believe it or not, I'm going shooting with my son Saturday too. We haven't been in about 6 months.

Tell Logan I have a Heckler & Koch (H&K for short), 40 USP and see if he's impressed. It's a beautiful handgun.

If that doesn't impress him, then tell him we have an F.A.L. from Holland that we had customized to be a CA legal assault rifle.

Get a pic up soon!

Amber said...

I've never shot a gun other than a bb gun before but I think I will like it. I could never shoot a living creature (unless that creature was going to hurt my kids) but it will be cool to do some target practice.

Logan didn't even know what a H&K was. ;) I'll go look for a pic of it and see what it looks like. Hey, when you come out here to see U2 in concert we can go do some target practice as well, eh?

David Cho said...

For future cops, I would consider a blow up criminal doll that he can frist, tackle, and shoot at.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Amber, I would never ever ever should a living thing (I can't even kill spiders, I rescue them and take them outside!)

Amber said...

David - they actually did have a target with a pic of a "bad guy" with a gun. How weird is that?

Barbara - I know you'd never kill a creature. But it is fun to shoot isn't it. I didn't get to shoot the other day. Like an idiot I forgot to take my ID. My dad didn't get to shoot either - he got a call from my mom saying they had another leak in their plumbing and water was everywhere.

Tomorrow my son and I are going back again and I'll shoot then.