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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Link - OK Two Links

It's been a long and troubled week for our nation and locally as well. And it's been a long weekend for me personally at work. It ain't over yet and I'm already drained. After I get off work on Monday at 8:00 AM I have surgery on my thumb at 11:00 AM. I may or may not post for a while depending on how much the pain meds knock me out. So for those who check here looking for something, click the link below.
And another link to a great post about the Blue Angels crash.
(yeah, it's my hubby's post but hey, it's good - no Taser pics either)
P.S. the surgery is no big deal. Just have to have my thumb nail removed. I always have dumb stuff happen to me.


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

What's up with your thumb (hey, was that an unintentional pun, get it..thumb's up?). Sorry hope that at least made you semi-smile. It's been a very tough week and I hope that your surgery goes well. It will give you a legitimate need to rest and take it easy so try to relax.

Amber said...

Hey Barbara. Thanks for the prayers. It's no biggie. I have a wart that has grown underneith the thumb nail so it has to come off and then be cleaned out. I'm told it will be quite painful for a while but I'm not really sure how long or what to expect. I'm trying to get some stuff done ahead of time so I can take it easy and not do anything with my right hand for a while just in case it does hurt really bad.

BarBarA said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't handle fingernail issues! It sounds awful. I'm sorry not very encouraging of me.
I hope it doesn't hurt too much!!! I'll pray extra now that I know it involves a nail!

Brian's post was great!