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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

OK, I Feel Better Now

I blasted "Walk On" by U2 for a while, then I went to the shooting range with Logan and shot this baby - a Glock 9mm. I feel better now. It was my first time shooting but probably not my last. As I've said, I could never shoot a living creature (other than maybe a snake) but it is fun to do target practice and it does seem to relieve stress.

Here is how I did on my first time out. Not bad, eh?

Now for the rest of the story...
You may notice there are only 11 holes there.
True that some of them are pretty close to the X, but I shot 24 bullets.
I pulled the target in and amazed myself.
Then I counted and thought, "HEY, I shot 24 shots and there are only 11 holes."
I'm going out with my friends tonight. That will be fun too!


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Good for you, Amber! That's really really good for a beginner with a handgun!

I wish I would have bought a 9mm or a .38/.357 revolver instead of my 40USP, its just too dang strong.

BUT...I do have a sweet, sweet, sweet 9mm rifle! I guarantee you would get all your shots inside the target with her! I wish we lived near each other!

When I shot on Saturday I did pretty good too :)

Regi McInfly said...

WOW - with aim like that......remind me never to get on your bad side :-)


David Cho said...

Great job!

Did you imagine the target to be someone?

Brian Buriff said...

And what was it you were trying to convince me of last night...that perhaps at least half of the "missing" bullets could be accounted for because they actually penetrated the same hole twice?

Amber said...

I didn't think I did so well considering I hit the target less than half of the time. My friend said that I would never kill anyone with aim like that but that I would scare them to death.

Brian - that's the only way I can account for the missing bullets. Hey, when are you going to join me at the range? I think it would be a good date night, whatcha say?

Amber said...

David - no I didn't really imagine it to be someone. I thought about it, but decided that would probably not be a good idea. ;)

Bruce said...

That's pretty good. And the fact that you sent 11 bullets through previous holes is very impressive. However, did you happen to check the targets next to yours?


Timothy said...


I will be looking for a Jeep with a "Gun Control Is Hitting Your Target" bumper sticker in a certain church parking lot.