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Monday, April 23, 2007

plastic surgery confessions

yes, i've had plastic surgery. now i can think of several proceedures that i would like to have done at a plastic surgeons but none of those are why i went. no, i always have 'stupid' things done. i went in this morning to have a wart that had grown underneith my thumbnail removed. i knew they were going to have to take the entire nail off and scrape it.. i was told that i would have a bandage for atoday then i would be able to just put a band aid on it starting tomorrow. they lied. this is what i've got for the entire week. i have to go back friday to have the bandage changed because he doesn't want me changing it myself. bummer.
i suppose it's a good excuse not to cook.
what's really a bummer is that i didn't get pain meds.
one handed typing sucks too


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

im sorry Amber, I did not read this post, I got to the nail part and I lost it. I was serious about having nail issues...I can't even go there...

But did pray and will continue. I hope Brian is taking extra good care of you!

Bruce said...

Bummer...just what you need, eh? Hope you start getting better soon.


David Cho said...

Oh my!

Sorry to hear that. Get better soon, and yeah, Brian, take care of Amber not just Taser.