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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Please Pray

Our community is affected by a local tragedy involving 4 of our firefighters. This hits close to home for me in several ways. First we have friends who serve as local firefighters and this could have easily happened to any of them. And I have a nephew who is going to be a firefighter and a son who is going to be a police officer. When something affects our men and women who serve whether as firefighters, police, or military, we all realize that it could be one of our own.

Following is a letter sent via email from the wife of one of the firefighters who were involved in this accident. Please read it and please keep Chris Gabbard (pictured) and John Hansbaurer in your prayers.

Hi Everyone,

Most of you are aware of the tragedy that occurred yesterday involving 4
Hamilton City Firefighters, one of which was my husband.

I have posted the article taken from the Journal News in case you haven't
been informed:

HAMILTON ­ The critically injured firefighter pulled from the Great
Miami River Tuesday has been identified as Chris Gabbard.Gabbard, 32, remains in
critical condition at University Hospital after being transported there by
ambulance from The Fort Hamilton Hospital, the Hamilton Fire Department said
late this afternoon.

The second hospitalized firefighter ­ John Hansbauer, who sustained a
head injury ­ had been listed in fair condition at Fort Hamilton. But he has
been transferred to University Hospital for further evaluation, fire officials

The accident happened about 4 p.m. while about 12 to 14 members of the
HFD's River Rescue Team were conducting their annual recertification training
just below the Low Level Dam. One of the boats started to drift toward "the
boil," turbulent water near the dam. During the rescue efforts, two of the
boats overturned and four firefighters fell into the river. Three of the
firefighters were pulled from the water within a minute while Gabbard was in the
water for 20 to 30 minutes, fire officials said.

I wanted to let everyone know that I feel it was a true miracle from God
that all 4 men were pulled out of that "boil" which has claimed lives in the

My husband, Dan Baumann and our friend, Dan Bagley came out of the incident
with only a few bruises and scratches. John Hansbauer has been transferred to
University Hospital to be checked for further injuries and remains listed in
fair condition.

Chris Gabbard is giving a good fight, but is still in critical
condition and has sustained a lot of injuries.

These brave men risk their lives everyday so that we stay safe...and that
very sentence doesn't even begin to describe the encounters that they have
everyday they work a 24 hour shift. We should all have the utmost gratitude for
all that they give up so that we may have a few more days on this earth to spend
with our loved ones.I just wanted to start a prayer chain for the 2 firefighters
that have not been released from the hospital.

Please take a moment to pray for these two firefighters.




Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Just prayed. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I met Chris when I was about 12 years old and grew up with him through our church youth group. As it happens in life, once I moved away to college and got married, our lives went separate ways. However, I still remember all the fun times we shared as "kids". My heart goes out to his family and close friends. My family and I are praying for him daily.