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Monday, May 28, 2007

A Note from Iraq

Today as we enjoyed a family meal and a movie, my son mentioned that one of his buddies from High School who is serving in Iraq has a blog. Although I've never met this young man I have met his family and his brother is one of my son's best friends so I've heard about Nate a lot and feel a connection to him and so I decided to look him up. This post, written on May 17th is particularly touching. Nate, you'll not likely read here but you and all who serve our country have our support. We are proud of you. Be safe and be assured of our prayers.

Have you ever watched a helicopter perform a facing movement, as in

I have.

A couple nights ago I watched a pair of UH-60 Blackhawks lift off from the
Rustamiyah helipad bearing the bodies of four more of America’s Sons. They were
returning home, though never again to enjoy its comforts. In life they were part
of another unit that we share space with on this FOB. Their lives had been
claimed just earlier that day, when an IED exploded near their vehicle. We all
gathered that night to pay tribute to their sacrifice as the helicopters waited
nearby, their rotors whirling quietly. Four times, as one, our formation
presented arms as their bodies were carried past us. As the whine of the
helicopters engines increased, we once again saluted, and held it as the birds
prepared to lift off. As if they were controlled by a puppeteer, both choppers
became airborne in the same instant and hovered motionless a few feet off the
ground, as the comrades of the fallen bid one last farewell. Moving again as one
both birds executed a left face and disappeared into the black of the

I don’t know what this year will hold politically for the U.S….what the
politicians in their polished offices and glassy skyscrapers will decide to do
with this problem called Iraq. We are holding a snake by the tail here; as it
wriggles and writhes we attempt to keep it from escaping while simultaneously
attempting not to get bitten. Continuing to hold the snake gets costlier every
time it bites, and the black birds carry home more bodies. Yet if we let it go
it will breed, and its offspring will be stronger and more lethal than it, and
will hunt us. These questions are debated by those echelons above me and my men;
down here in the trenches, its as simple as it can be-capture or kill them
before they can blow us up.


David Cho said...


The post is powerful, but yet I feel so powerless.

Amber said...

Yeah. I know.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I got chills reading that. I went over and read several of his posts and some of the comments to him but didn't leave one (I saw yours). Wow.