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Friday, May 18, 2007

The Thing That Makes Me Want to Quit My Job

I like my job. (Just see the post below to read about part of the reason I like my job.) It's not a bad job. But the office staff finds ways to make it miserable. I've been with this company for nearly 4 years and I live for the day I can quit. They have pushed me and tried my patience to the point where I have little left when I get a call like I did yesterday.

I was making dinner for the two ladies I take care of when the scheduler called to tell me that she was faxing over a form for corrective action - against me. When I asked what it was for, she said, "Your attendance". I've been off work for the past 2 weeks and I missed one staff meeting.

I reminded her that the reason I was off that time was because I had surgery on my hand and was not able to work and that I had personally delivered a doctor's excuse to the office. I missed the staff meeting because I was having the surgery done at the time of the meeting. I left work at 8 AM on Monday and was having the procedure done at 11 AM. I was off that week which I'm normally not even scheduled for. When I went back to the doctor that Friday to have the dressing changed, the doctor gave me another note to be off for the rest of the weekend and the following week through Thursday. That note was also hand delivered to the office. I was off that weekend for my son's wedding - which I had requested off a month in advance as our policy states. AND I found other staff to cover that weekend - something that is not my job to do. She said she would check with the HR person to see if she had the doctor's note. Now why didn't she check with HR before she wrote out the form and called me? This kind of thing is SO typical for this company.

So the time I had off was either excused by a doctor or given prior approval. And they are going to take "corrective action" against me??? I think not. Not unless they are willing to lose a reliable employee of 4 years over this.

UPDATE* I called the HR person to straighten this out. I should be sleeping after working an 18 hour shift and having to go back tonight for another 18 hour shift, but instead I'm dealing with the office crap. Turns out that it counts against me even if I do have a doctor's note. Doesn't matter if I had surgery on my hand and an unable to lift a large person and shower them - surgery or not, doctor's note or not - it counts against me. I told her that was a stupid policy. I mean really, what kind of employer would even consider a policy like that?? They are not however, going to take corrective action against me. I live for the day I can quit. It will definitely be a "Take this job and shove it" moment.

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